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Mamiya ZD digital camera - status update

At the last Photokina Mamiya announced the development of the Mamiya ZD, world's first medium format digital camera. Since then, Mamiya has revealed more details on this camera, with its 22 million pixel full Frame CCD image sensor, on their international website.

Recently, David Schloss, over at pdnonline, has taken a first look at a pre-production version of this camera and published his first impressions in an article: The Mamiya ZD: Hands-on with the most interesting digital ever
Mamiya website

Mamiya ZD features:

22 Mega Pixel CCD
The 36mm x 48mm Dalsa CCD imaging sensor contains 22 million active pixels (total 4008h x 5344v). The 14 bit A/D (Analog to Digital) conversion records color information as 12-bit per color channel, providing exceptional true-to-life color accuracy.
ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit)
Data transfer from the Dalsa CCD sensor is processed in real- time with its exclusively designed Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The advantage to the photographer is that image data captured from the sensor is optimized for fast performance. With a frame capture rate of 1.5 fps, it?s the fastest 22 Mega pixel digital Medium format camera in the industry.
Dual Storage Card Slots
The Mamiya ZD provides card slots for both Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Data (SD). Approximately 100 images in Mamiya RAW format can be stored onto a 4GB CF card.
File Format
Images are captured in Mamiya RAW format, JPEG or both RAW and JPEG. Three levels of image quality alone with image size are easily selectable through the digital back?s intuitive built-in software menus.
Removable Low-Pass Filter
Utilizing an innovative cartridge type removable Low-Pass filter (optional) the Mamiya ZD digital back offers photographers a choice, depending on shooting conditions, whether to use the filter or not.
Mamiya Digital Photo Studio
Simple yet powerful Digital Photo Studio software provides the prefect blend of image capture, processing and editing for both MAC and Windows based computers. When connected to a computer via a 4-pin FireWire® (IEEE1394) cable, many of the functions of the Mamiya ZD digital back can be operated from a computer.

Additional information: Mamiya website
June 12, 2005
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