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Mamiya Digital SLR Camera & Mamiya Digital Back

At the recent Photokina Mamiya has announced the ZD Digital SLR Camera & Back. The  Mamiya ZD is a Digital SLR AF/AE Camera, features a 36 x 48mm, 22 Mp CCD, and is compatible with all Mamiya 645AF Lenses. The Mamiya ZD Back features the same CCD and is compatible with Mamiya 645AFD & RZ67 Pro IID.
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ELMSFORD, NY: Mamiya-OP Co., Ltd. of Japan announced at Photokina 2004 the development of an interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera named the Mamiya ZD and a digital back named the Mamiya ZD Back.

Since 1940, Mamiya has been pursuing the design and realization of imaging tools that produce high quality, reliability and ease of use. The result of our efforts have made Mamiya the leader in professional imaging. Mamiya cameras are the premier choice of professional photographers and advanced amateurs. In order to meet the needs of digital photographers, the Mamiya ZD and Mamiya ZD Back are being created to inherit the legacy of our constant pursuit of the highest possible imaging quality.

The Mamiya ZD is an interchangeable-lens digital SLR (D-SLR), and accepts the entire range of Mamiya 645AF interchangeable lenses. Additionally, the Mamiya ZD Back is a digital camera back compatible with the Mamiya 645AFD, a very popular tool among professionals, and the Mamiya RZ67Pro-IID, recently announced and now available. The Mamiya ZD Back utilizes full, interactive communications through the MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) to bring out the best of all the advanced functions of these cameras.

The Mamiya ZD and the Mamiya ZD Back come with a 36 x 48mm, 22 million-pixel CCD and generate stunning, high resolution images with both rich and smooth tonal ranges. The 14 bit A/D (Analog to Digital) conversion records information as 12-bits per colour channel. The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), which was developed exclusively for the Mamiya ZD and Mamiya ZD Back, processes in realtime to optimize the image data from the CCD.

With the built-in slots for media cards, the Mamiya ZD and the Mamiya ZD Back is entirely portable for untethered use. A cartridge-type low-pass filter is optionally detachable and depending on shooting conditions, the a photographer can choose to shoot with or without it. Mamiya is developing Mamiya Digital PhotoStudio software which provides a simple, yet powerful interface for image capture, editing and processing. With this software, tethered use via IEEE1394 (FireWire®) enables many functions of the cameras to be operated from computer.

Additional information: Visit the Mamiya website
November 5, 2004
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