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Epson Rangefinder R-D1 digital camera
Rangefinder R-D1
at a glance
3008 x 2000
2" lcd viewer
Li-ion rechargeable
Epson Rangefinder R-D1 review summary
camera date May 04  out of production
pixels / class 6M  compact digital camera
overall rating not rated overall camera rating  4 reviews
image quality not rated image quality rating  
ease of use not rated usability rating  
camera body not rated camera body rating  
digital features not rated digital features rating  
photogr. ctrls not rated photographic controls rating  
user profile user profile: digital photography not specified yet
Epson Rangefinder R-D1 specifications
lens / zoom  interchangeable lenses
focus / macro  
metering mode  center weighted
white balance  auto | manual - 5 presets
shutter  auto | manual / 1s - 1/2000s (mode dependent)
exposure  +/- 2EV in 1/3EV steps
flash / mode  hot-shoe, X-contact
viewfinder  optical, rangefinder
iso ratings  200 / 400 / 800 / 1600
image size  3008x2000  / 2240x1488
image format  raw / jpeg (exif 2.21)
image compr.  
lag/cycle times  
remote control  self timer
video options  
audio options  
storage  SD
platform  Windows, Mac
extra features  CCD 24mmx16mm, focal lenght factor 1.53
histogram display
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Epson Rangefinder R-D1 announcement clippings

A rangefinder is a type of camera that has a built-in device for measuring distance based on the principles of triangulation. The photographer focuses the camera by superimposing two slightly different views of a scene with the rangefinder. In general, compared to an auto-focus system, performance does not change even if lenses are swapped, and focus can be achieved quickly, accurately and with a light level that is nearly the same as the unaided eye, even in dimly lit locations.

The R-D1 dares to swim against the high tide of fully automatic electronic digital cameras. It is a digital camera that still manages to feel like a traditional manual camera, for people who appreciate the peculiar satisfaction that comes with the ability to use an analog camera well. In other words, the R-D1 is simultaneously a state-of-the-art digital camera that offers outstanding performance and image quality, and a throwback that offers camera buffs the look and feel of a vintage film camera, as well as the joy of skillfully using their camera as a tool.

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