Great and informative site

From: Jeff Donnelly
Great and informative site, by the way, thanks for all the hard work.  I
     especially like the int'l info area...because I sometimes get the
     feeling that the US is somewhat isolated from the rest of the planet,
     if you know what I mean.
I have a question of disbelief....I read about the new Lexmark
     printer---4800dpi, 15ppm in color...3pl variable drop size....did I
     read their website correctly? for ~$200?
Is this a misprint?....seems a bit on the low $$ side, for both the
     printers'  res' capabilities, not to mention the 15ppm.
Just looking for a reality check here.
Thanks for your comments, and yes , it's indeed a pity that our global world is still not really  global. But then again, even inches and ounces seem to survive for ever...
The price for the Lexmark seems correct to me, in the UK the Z65 is sold for 129 pound ($ 185) and at an even a better deal in Germany for 179 Euro ($ 160).

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