Hard to navigate

From: Greg        

No offense, but the dcviews.com site is one of the most jumbled and hard to navigate sites I have ever seen!  Not meant as an insult, but really, you need to clean up the interface.  I had some friends over tonight, and every one of them quit within a minute of being on this site, saying they had no idea where there were on it, or how to get to what they wanted.

The biggest comments I heard from my friends when they saw it (and I agree) was... "the print is too small", and "there's too much on the same screen.".    My monitor is set like many, to 1024, and the print is somewhat small compared to other sites.  There is also a bit of too much info around, too.  It's not that you can't find your way around eventually, but you have to look up,down, and around, to find the small links you need.  There is still not a rating for "image quality" as well on many cameras.

We're sorry to hear that you and your friends find our navigation system troublesome.
It might indeed be related to the small print on a monitor set to 1024, even more so in
case your  monitor is 15". The project for image rating is planned for next year, but we
will remove the entry from the screen to avoid further confusion.