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Little do we know about the inside of our digital camera

Little do we know what's inside our digital cameras! You'll find Zoran's highly integrated COACH digital camera processors as the power source for over 100 digital cameras today, including models from Casio, Cisco, Fujifilm, GE, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony and Vivitar. The distinguishing factors in the compact digital camera nowadays are the body, lenses and brand appeal. Zoran's new COACH 13 processor will have patented technologies enable high ISO and enhanced hardware-based Face Tracking...


All about the Zoran COACH 13 digital camera processor and more...Zoran's COACH Digital Camera Processors Powering Over 100 Digital Cameras on Display at Photokina

COACH 13 Processors Designed Into New Models Expected to Ship for Holidays

Zoran Corporation, the world leader in providing SOC solutions for hundreds of millions of digital cameras, announced today that its highly integrated COACH digital camera processors are powering over 100 digital camera models on display at the recent Photokina exhibition.

Zoran's newly announced COACH 12 family of digital video processors are powering a host of new high definition camcorders under well-known brands, including wireless Internet connected and 3D video camera models.

Zoran's COACH processors power digital camera brands from the world's leading camera manufacturers including Casio, Cisco, Fujifilm, GE, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, and Vivitar among others.

In addition, samples of its latest generation, the COACH 13 digital camera processors, are shipping to camera manufacturers and are currently being designed into multiple first-tier camera brands expected to reach retail for the holiday season.

New patented technologies enable high ISO, enhanced hardware-based Face Tracking, which detects and tracks multiple faces at a time so that the photographer can focus and track a subject anywhere within the frame. In addition, the correct auto focus and auto exposure for the tracked subject is automatically selected for improved picture quality in every shot. Zoran's latest noise reduction technology avoids the blur caused by long exposure times allowing the photographer to take crisp, high quality pictures even in very low-light conditions.

“The COACH product line is gaining momentum over last year, exceeding digital camera market growth,” said Ohad Meitav, Vice President and General Manager, Zoran's Mobile division. “We are particularly pleased with the design win traction of our new COACH 12P product in the digital camcorder segment. Customer feedback is very positive.”

Zoran's COACH family of digital camera processors offers solutions to a broad range of camera designs, including value point-and-shoot, mainstream, hybrid, DSLR and video camcorders.

Additional information: All about the Zoran COACH 13 digital camera processor and more...
October 5, 2010
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