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The World of Egor: Chasing rainbows and saving Queens

Today, on "Koninginnedag" or Queen's Day we celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands, and as the royal family descends from the House of Orange - Nassau, the whole country is turned orange today. Even Egor has especially dressed up for the occasion!
Who's Egor? Egor walks and sees our world from his down-to-earth viewpoint. Egor is the brainchilddog of my good neighbor - and enthusiast co-designer of our site - Joep, who introduces Egor to the world today through the website: THEWORLDOFEGOR.COM...
Check out the wonderful world of Egor at THEWORLDOFEGOR.COM

Joep Pohlen is the creative director of Polka Design.

Polka Design exists since 1987 and since then several books on design were published in Dutch, French, German and English. Most famous is Letterfontein (Letterfontäne/Fontaine aux Lettres) which received several awards from the design community. Polka Design has received more awards and among them were four Red Dot awards for High Quality design.

If you're interested in more designs and ideas from Joep, and you're tired of always writing in Comic Sans, you may visit his "Fuel for ideas on letters" at, his work on "Fresh Fonts" at or his website at

Additional information: Check out the wonderful world of Egor at THEWORLDOFEGOR.COM
April 30, 2011
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