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Enhancing Video Resolution using digital camera stills

The Graphics and Imaging Laboratory of the University of Washington (GRAIL) has further advanced their Research Project on Video enhancing using still images from digital cameras. They have posted a new online video which illustrates the techniques and show some impressive possibilities of software image enhancement. It remains however to be seen in what cameras these techniques will be applied. Canon's new HF20 & HF200 consumer camcorders are already capable of recording Full HD movies in 1920x1080 resolution...
Checkout the demonstration video of the Spacetime Resolution techniques


We present solutions for enhancing the spatial and/or temporal resolution of videos. Our algorithm targets the emerging consumer-level hybrid cameras that can simultaneously capture video and high-resolution stills. Our technique produces a high spacetime resolution video using the high-resolution stills for rendering and the low-resolution video to guide the reconstruction and the rendering process. Our framework integrates and extends two existing algorithms, namely a high-quality optical flow algorithm and a high-quality image-based-rendering algorithm. The framework enables a variety of applications that were previously unavailable to the amateur user, such as the ability to (1) automatically create videos with high spatiotemporal resolution, and (2) shift a high-resolution still to nearby points in time to better capture a missed event.

Additional information: Checkout the demonstration video of the Spacetime Resolution techniques
January 27, 2009
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