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Using photographs to enhance Videos of a static scene

GRAIL, the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory of the University of Washington, has updated their current 2008 publication section with a number of interesting documents on their research projects. My personal favorite remains a 2007 Research Project on Video enhancing, which illustrates some impressive systems to enhance video's using digital still images. FotoNation's innovative BlinkCheck technology demonstrates how quickly such new developments nowadays are becoming ready for implementation in our everyday products...
Have a look at this video showing the possible enhancementsABSTRACT:

We present a framework for automatically enhancing videos of a static scene using a few photographs of the same scene. For example, our system can transfer photographic qualities such as high resolution, high dynamic range and better lighting from the photographs to the video. Additionally, the user can quickly modify the video by editing only a few still images of the scene. Finally, our system allows a user to remove unwanted objects and camera shake from the video. These capabilities are enabled by two technical contributions presented in this paper. First, we make several improvements to a state-of-the-art multiview stereo algorithm in order to compute view-dependent depths using video, photographs, and structure-from-motion data. Second, we present a novel image-based rendering algorithm that can re-render the input video using the appearance of the photographs while preserving certain temporal dynamics such as specularities and dynamic scene lighting.

Additional information: Have a look at this video showing the possible enhancements
November 16, 2008
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