In the works: Trigger Trap universal camera trigger

Trigger Trap is an open-source project for photographers and geeks initiated by Haje Jan Kamps. He is currently seeking your help in collecting funds that will be spent on developing, prototyping, and manufacturing the product in two versions: a PRO and a DIY model. Trigger Trap is a universal camera trigger that makes it easy to trigger your camera any way you could possibly think of. The Trigger Trap will support triggering Laser, Sound, Time and even an Aux port is available for those not satisfied by these standard options...

Check out the Trigger Trap project at the KickStarter website

An Open Hardware project in San Francisco, CA by Ziah Fogel & Haje Jan Kamps

What will the Triggertrap do?

The idea is simple: Create an universal camera trigger that makes it easy to trigger your camera any way you could possibly think of.

Out of the box, Triggertrap will support being triggered by:

  • LASER - someone breaks a laser-beam, the camera takes a picture.
  • SOUND - clap your hands, take a picture. Great for hands-free photography in the studio
  • TIME - Time lapse photography in the palm of your hand.
  • EVERYTHING - If the above options don't float your boat, there's an Aux port. If you can find a way of connecting it, you can use it to take photos. The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.

Oh, and because the Triggertrap will be optically isolated from the camera, the very worst that can happen (say, if you connect your Triggertrap to a 10,000 volt mains line, whether by dumb accident or - even dumber - on purpose), is that you blow up your Triggertrap device, whilst your camera stays safe.

Where's your money going?

The money will be spent developing, prototyping, and manufacturing two versions of the Triggertrap:

  • Version A - A professionally developed and designed product in an eminently portable and water-resistant case. Perfect if you just want to plug it in and get going. The idea is to make Version A as good as something you might buy in the shops. In fact, that's my goal: Triggertraps, in all good photography stores worldwide.
  • Version B - An Arduino-based home-brew version that you can build yourself. Instructions and source-code will be available on the Triggertrap website for free, and I'll offer kits for sale so you have all the bits and pieces you need to make one.

Kickstarter exclusive pre-orders

As you will have spotted in the 'rewards' on the right-hand-side of this page, the Triggertrap only costs $75.

Two notes on that: Firstly - $75 is half what other, similar products cost (although, of course, none of them are as awesome as the Triggertrap). Secondly - This price is exclusive to early adopters on Kickstarter: Once the project is a success (how could it not be?!), chances are prices are going up. I'm in talks with manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and whilst they are great for reducing the workload on me, it means that they all take a cut...

In other words: Get 'em whilst you can, at a price you may never see again...

Finally, I will be asking everyone to pay $5 towards packaging and shipping for a Triggertrap. That's flat-fee for shipping all around the world - I'm some will be more expensive and some a little cheaper, but hopefully it'll all average out...

Additional information:

Check out the Trigger Trap project at the KickStarter website

July 26, 2011

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