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Sony introduces new image sensors for industrial cameras

Sony introduces two new CCD image sensors designed for industrial and security cameras. The ICX674ALG (black & white) and the ICX674AQG (color) are both 2.8Mpixel progressive scan method CCD image sensors that can provide full HD (1080p) video output at 60 frames per second. Furthermore, these devices provide high sensitivity, not only to visible light, but into the near infrared region as well, which makes them suitable for use in security cameras too, so the well-known blurry CCTV images will be a thing of the past...


Check out the latest version of the Sony Semiconductor & LCD News magazineThe ICX674ALG/AQG are diagonal 10.972 mm (Type 2/3) 2.83M-effective pixel CCD image sensors designed for use in industrial cameras. They include output channel count switching support and an extensive set of drive modes.

Output Channel Count Switching

These products include vertical transfer registers that can transfer charge in both directions as well as horizontal transfer registers.
By changing the vertical and horizontal transfer register drive timing and by switching the charge transfer direction according to the required frame rate, these devices support single-channel output, horizontal division 2-channel output, vertical division 2-channel output, and horizontal and vertical division 4-channel output. (See figure 1.)

Extensive Set of Drive Modes

These devices achieve high frame rates by including four output circuit channels that can be operated at a horizontal drive frequency of 54 MHz and by adopting an electrode structure that makes high-speed charge transfer by the vertical transfer register possible. When 4-channel output is used, these devices are capable of 50 frame/s output in progressive scan method, and of 60 frame/s output in both vertical 1212-line cropping mode that supports UXGA display and in vertical 1092-line crop mode that supports full HD video.
These image sensors can support a wide range of customer needs by combining these diverse drive modes with multichannel output switching.

High Sensitivity Achieved, Even in the Near Infrared Region

The newly-developed ICX674ALG/AQG CCD image sensors achieve high sensitivity including the near infrared region by adopting the "EXview HAD CCD II" technology, which evolves the Sony "EXview HAD CCD" even further by adopting the "Super HAD CCD II"* technology. (See figure 2 and table 2.)
These new devices can also be used in security camera applications that can take advantage of their high sensitivity in the near infrared region.

Additional information: Check out the latest version of the Sony Semiconductor & LCD News magazine
November 25, 2010
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