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The Ultimate Smart Camera with Augmented Reality

Researchers from Microsoft's labs all over the world exchange ideas, show their latest innovations and explain emerging technologies at TechFest 2009. One of the fields that might become of particular interest for digital imaging is the Augmented Reality research project, which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data. Eventually this may bring us real smart cameras or camera phones, where just pointing your camera at a restaurant will reveal the menu and pointing the camera at a station will reveal today's train schedule...

Microsoft Research TechFest 2009

Microsoft Research’s annual TechFest event showcases solutions to some of the world’s most challenging technical problems and provides a strategic forum for Microsoft researchers to meet with the broader group of Microsoft employees and product managers. Hundreds of researchers from Microsoft’s worldwide labs in China, England, India and the United States gather at the company’s headquarters in Redmond to exchange ideas with colleagues, show off their latest innovations, and shine a light into the future of computing. In many cases, it is through the partnerships formed at TechFest between researchers and product teams that innovations begin making their way directly into products for Microsoft customers.

Watch Microsoft Research Principal Researcher Michael Cohen explain his TechFest 2009 treasure hunt demonstration using Core Tools for Augmented Reality, Redmond, Wash.

This next video is an early example of images captured with a NOKIA prototype camera phone used in the MARA project, and illustrates how the camera recognizes the surrounding buildings on the Town square.

Additional information: An exclusive preview of some of the hottest work from Microsoft
March 1, 2009
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