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Boiling Eggs in the Silly or Big Gooseberry season

In the digital photography world, like everywhere else, the news is scarce this time of the year. Therefore this period is known as the Silly Season, as all sorts of "silly" and vamped-up articles are being published in the media.
The period is also called "Big Gooseberry Season because of articles on farmers growing the biggest gooseberries ever. For the same reason the Dutch call this period "Komkommertijd", meaning "cucumber time" and the Germans speak of "Saure-Gurken-Zeit"...
BBC News runs an article on boiling eggs...
The latest news at Lion Quality eggThe age-old argument over the best way to cook the perfect boiled egg could be a thing of the past thanks to a new hi-tech ink logo going on shells.

After cooking begins, an invisible, temperature-sensitive thermochromic print appears in black to indicate when an egg is soft, medium or hard-boiled.

The eggs, developed by UK assurance scheme Lion Quality, will be sold in three different types of cartons.

The new logos will start to appear on eggs in the next few months.

Read on at BBC News...

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Additional information: The latest news at Lion Quality egg
August 6, 2006
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