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Sanyo announces Xacti Dual Camera Line-up for 2009

Sanyo announces its new Xacti dual camera line-up for 2009. The new mixed form factor includes the new waterproof HD models (DMX-WH1, DMX-CA9), a stylish Compact HD units (DMX-CG10), and Full HD 60p cameras (DMX-FH11, DMX-HD2000). The new Full HD models offer 8 megapixel still resolution, even while simultaneously recording Full HD movies, and Real-time interpolation technology also allows up to 12 megapixel images. The first camera of the new line-up to be released will be the DMX-HD2000, available from February 6...


Continue reading at the Sanyo Xacti Dual Camera websiteTake photos and movies with one camera-choose the perfect Xacti for every lifestyle!

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce its new line-up of Xacti Dual Cameras, a line-up that redefines digital imaging by allowing greater flexibility for camera lovers and users all over the world with an amazing line-up of cameras that take both photos and videos, enhancing and enriching active lifestyles.

The new mixed form factor (Horizontal, Vertical) line-up of five (5) cameras* include new waterproof HD models (DMX-WH1, DMX-CA9), a stylish Compact HD units (DMX-CG10), and Full HD 60p cameras (DMX-FH11, DMX-HD2000). The first camera to be released in the sequence for the new 2009 line-up will be the DMX-HD2000, available starting from February 6, 2009.

Xacti Dual Cameras combine the benefits of digital still cameras and camcorders into one unit, offering the freedom to take both photos and videos separately, yet seamlessly. The cameras are small and compact, making them ultra-portable and easy to hold for active filming and shooting anywhere or anytime while on the go, recording high definition videos and taking high resolution photos in either vertical or horizontal form factors, providing more options to choose from, to match any lifestyle or preference.

Not only can the cameras be connected to televisions after taking photos or recording videos and shared, but it is easy to seamlessly upload and use on computers and the Web, thanks to a movie format highly compatible with computers. With the AVC/H.264 format, it is easy to share videos online, on blogs or other multi-media sites, and also easy to import to iPods and other portable media devices for viewing anywhere, anytime.

As high definition television and other high definition image-supporting media devices become more widely available, and as computers and the Internet advance into the high definition age, the models for sale in 2009 are all HD-ready, so the images can be enjoyed in beautiful clarity.

The Full HD models (DMX-HD2000, DMX-FH11)

1. World's first vivid and smooth Progressive Full HD movies- Newly developed high-speed image processing engine allows HD2000 and FH11 to record two times the amount of data that common interlace formats currently do
- Progressive video recording allows even more vivid and smooth videos and movies
- HD2000 achieves the longest continuous recording of its class, up to an incredible 135 minutes
- HD2000 achieves longer battery use by energy-conscious circuit and image processing engine design

2. High resolution 8-Megapixel stills while still offering the best in Full HD movies
‘Reverse Sequential Shot' function allows better chance for the perfect picture- Full 8-Megapixel still photos anytime, even while simultaneously recording Full HD movies
- Real-time interpolation technology also allows up to 12-Megapixel beautiful photos
- ‘Reverse Sequential Shot' function senses when the button for photo is pressed and held, and starts generating photos, although the photos from the previous second are not actually recorded until the photo button is released
- ‘Reverse Sequential Shot' aids in capturing hard to take photos, up to 1.5 seconds of the event before the button was released, just enough to catch that perfect baseball or golf swing
- ‘Reverse Sequential Shot' takes 6 photos/sec in 8-Megapixel mode (up to 9 photos), and 12 photos/sec in 4-Megapixel mode (up to 15 photos)

3. Equipped with 16x “Advanced Zoom” allowing a wider area zoom than before
- SANYO's “Advanced Zoom” for zooming while recording movies
- New zoom function allows a much wider area to included as the image is enlarged, effectively increasing the area from 2-Megapixels (as found on the DMX-HD1010) to 5-Megapixels
- Enjoy wider scenes from (Wide) 44mm ~ (Tele) 710mm (35mm film equiv.)

4. Other Features- High-Speed video (240 fps/600 fps) for slow-motion playback (1/4, 1/10 of normal video speed)
- Double-memory: 8GB Built-in memory (DMX-FH11) + up to 32GB SDHC memory card compatible (memory card sold separately)
- Compatible with the “Xacti Library” that allows saving/indexing and playback of videos and pictures from an external hard drive (sold separately)

Additional information: Continue reading at the Sanyo Xacti Dual Camera website
January 21, 2009
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