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Samsung announces WB100 / WB1000 digital camera

Samsung Europe announces the WB1000, a 24mm ultra wide angle, 5x optical zoom digital camera with a 3.0 inch AMOLED monitor. The AMOLED screen consumes less power and offers a higher contrast ratio of 10,000:1, producing darker black levels, more vibrant colors, and a brighter display which can easily be viewed outdoors, and even in direct sunlight. With this announcement Samsung continues its confusing naming scheme as the camera has been already been announced as the WB100 and the TL320 (US)...


All about the new Samsung WB1000 wide-angle digital cameraSamsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. today unveiled the new 12 mega-pixel WB100, a compact and stylish point-and-shoot digital camera featuring an ultra wide angle 24mm Schneider lens and 5x optical zoom. In addition to the camera's impressive lens, the WB100 also raises the bar for innovation in digital imaging as it offers high definition video recording and incorporates a three inch AMOLED screen, the largest AMOLED screen on a digital camera to date.

As a leader in AMOLED technology, Samsung strengthened its position at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, showcasing its revolutionary AMOLED television offerings. As a consumer electronics manufacturer, synergies exist among Samsung's various business units which present the company with a host of unique competitive advantages in the digital imaging industry. Leveraging those advantages, especially in display technologies, Samsung was able to incorporate a large, three-inch AMOLED screen in the WB100. Utilizing the same advanced technologies found in Samsung's revolutionary AMOLED televisions, the WB100's AMOLED screen helps enhance the overall digital imaging experience for the end user.

Compared to a traditional TFT-LCD screen, the WB100's AMOLED consumes less power and offers a higher contrast ratio of 10,000:1, producing darker black levels, more vibrant colors, and a brighter display which can easily be viewed outdoors, and even in direct sunlight. Additionally, unlike a TFT-LCD, the WB100's AMOLED screen has the ability to display images that can be reviewed at any angle, while fully maintaining the same color gamut.

Samsung's new WB100 also offers advanced high-definition video recording at a resolution of 720p, as well as HDMI connectivity through the use of a cradle to viewone's video and photos in HD clarity on an HDTV. The camera's 5x optical zoom can be used while recording, and because the camera utilizes H.264 compression (a codec for high-definition video that yields three to five times the recording length than that of MJPEG video)  users can record HD video for longer periods of time with the WB100.

For added stability and blur-free images, Samsung has outfitted the WB100 with both Optical and Digital Image Stabilization. The shooter has the option of simply using Optical Image Stabilization or choosing Dual Image Stabilization, combining the strengths of Optical and Digital Image Stabilization.

“The WB100 clearly represents the competitive advantages afforded by the related business units at Samsung,” said ChoongHyun Hwang, vice president of Strategic Marketing at Samsung Digital Imaging Company.  “Samsung fully leveraged these strengths in the manufacture of the new WB100, especially in the design of the camera's three inch AMOLED screen and high-definition video recording mode. When combined with the camera's impressive lens and automatic features, the WB100 is easily one of the most advanced compact digital cameras in Samsung's lineup of digital imaging solutions.”

For the more advanced user who prefers to have more control over camera settings, the WB100 offers aperture priority, shutter priority, as well as full manual shooting modes. Samsung also includes its unique Advanced Picture Mode in the WB100. With Advanced Picture Mode, users can fine tune color tones by adjusting the color temperature from 2,800-10,000K, in 100K increments, or by manually configuring the camera's color space shift.  

For users looking for simplicity when it comes to taking digital images, the WB100 offers a comprehensive suite of automatic controls designed to help them capture better images with ease, including the camera's Smart Auto mode. When in use, Smart Auto will automatically choose from one of the WB100's 11 scene modes, selecting the most appropriate mode for the environment the user may be shooting in. For example, the WB100's Smart Auto feature will automatically set the camera to its Landscape scene mode if the user is taking an image of a mountain range, and then switch gears and automatically select the Portrait scene mode if the user proceeds to take an image of an individual. No manual interaction is required.

In addition to Smart Auto, the WB100 also incorporates Samsung's proprietary Smart Album program. Smart Album allows users to search through the various files they have saved on their memory card for a specific image. Smart Album automatically organizes the user's digital images and gives them the ability to narrow their search based on the date or month the image was taken, the file type, the overall color tone and whether it's a photo, video, or voice memo.

Users can also take advantage of the WB100's Face Detection, Blink Detection, Smile Shot, and Beauty Shot technologies. Designed to help capture better portraits and group shots of family and friends, Face Detection technology detects up to ten faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality. Smile Shot automatically triggers the WB100 to take a photo only when the camera detects smiles on the faces of subjects, and Blink Detection will automatically fire two consecutive shots if the camera detects that a subject's eyes are closed. Beauty Shot is a unique functionality that automatically brightens and evens out skin tones as well as removes blemishes.

The WB100 also puts an end to inadvertently lost images with a new feature called the Recycle Bin - a unique function that allows consumers to retrieve images which were deleted by mistake. When the Recycle Bin function is in use, the WB100 automatically creates a “trash” folder on the internal memory card which stores any image deleted from the camera. This special feature allows users to shoot, delete and restore images without the fear that they will be lost forever.

Featuring a brushed stainless steel finish, the WB100 is as stylish as it is advanced. The camera offers a compact form factor highlighted by two analog dials found on top of the WB100's body. The two dials give the WB100 a retro look and provide users with the ability to quickly glance down at the camera for an approximate readout of remaining battery life and memory capacity.

The WB1000 has a fantastic 24mm ultra wide angle, 5x optical zoom lens, combined with full manual control for the ultimate creativity and a world first 3.0” hVGA AMOLED screen – all in a camera that is only 2cm thick! Key featuresAttributes
24mm Ultra Wide, 5x Optical ZoomFor great group shots and wide landscape shots. Get closer with the 5x optical zoom.Full Manual ControlGet more creative and make use of full manual controls.AMOLED DisplayThere are many advantages with this new, thinner and  better screen.

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May 12, 2009
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