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Samsung reveals the 2011 NX lens roadmap

Samsung has published its NX lens roadmap for 2011 on its Imaging blog. A new 16mm F2.4 Ultra Wide Pancake lens will be added to the current 20mm and 30mm models. The new 60mm F2.8 Macro lens features a Super Sonic Actuator to deliver a fast, quiet Auto Focus. The ultra bright 85mm F1.4 Compact System Camera lens features SSA too and includes Full Time Manual Focus. Last in line is the 18-200mm multi-purpose Long Zoom lens that can be used diversely from taking landscape to portrait pictures...


Samsung reveals the 2011 NX lens roadmap - digital camera and photography newsSamsung has received positive reviews from different press by launching 30mm, 18-55mm, 50-200mm lens. By previously releasing a lens roadmap, Samsung had signaled that various models with improved features were on the way. Unexpectedly today, a part for the new NX lens has been released which NX users have been waiting for. Of course it's not out in the market yet, and the exact release date and prices have yet to be revealed, but it's possible to widely guess its design and function. Let's take a look at the new NX lens through a video and pictures.

The 16mm lens is a light, compact F2.4 Ultra Wide Pancake Lens. The bright aperture of this lens helps to capture wider images even in low light and deliver a shallow depth of field. Its ultra wide angle is ideal for landscape shots and deep perspective pictures.

The 60mm Macro Lens  features a Super Sonic Actuator (SSA) to deliver a fast, quiet Auto Focus (AF). It has F2.8 and as you could've guessed from the name of the lens, it is great for close-ups. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) ensures steadiness and stability of every moment so you never have to miss the timing of that perfect close-up shot.

The ultra bright 85mm F1.4 Compact  System Camera (CSC) lens features SSA, which like the 60mm lens provides fast and silent AF. It also includes Full Time Manual Focus which provides advanced photographers greater control over their preferred settings. This premium lens with bright F1.4 offers the ideal solution for capturing perfect and professional looking portrait pictures.

The 18-200mm multi-purpose Long Zoom Lens  can be used diversely from taking landscape to portrait pictures. It features modes optimized for creating high-quality movie content with a single lens. Due to Samsung's use of Voice Coil Motor (VCM) technology, the new Long Zoom Lens also has a fast and silent AF, which enables you to video important events without recording the sound of the camera's AF. It also features OIS, which cancels out any hand movements and delivers crisp, clear images perfect for filming videos.

All of the lenses are compatible with Samsung's unique i-Function system, which helps users easily create powerful effects utilizing the quick and convenient controls.
February 22, 2011
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