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Samsung unveils ES10 first camera in the new ES Series

Samsung posts its first camera in the new ES Series, the model ES10. The new Samsung ES Series has been introduced at the recent CES in Las Vegas with the announcement of the Samsung ES55. Details on the model ES55 however, have not yet been posted on the site. The new ES10 is an 8.1 megapixel, 3x optical zoom compact digital camera with the standard array of features found on today's compact digital cameras. The new Samsung ES10 will be available in the colors silver, black, white and pink...


All about the new Samsung ES10 digital camera8.1 Megapixels

High picture quality is obtained by employing an 8.1 mega pixel 1/2.5" high resolution CCD sensor. Clear picture quality can be enough resolution for printing up to poster size. A robust mounted image processor allows for rich gradation, fast and high quality picture processing.

Beauty Shot

He quick and easy way for a better-looking you The Beauty Shot feature is like having your own make-up artist—right in your camera. It automatically identifies imperfections such as blemishes and dark spots on the face, and retouches them so that faces appear brighter and smooth. And with different level settings, you can control the amount of retouching that takes place—it's that simple!

Face Detection

With the Face Detection function, you can now take better portrait pictures with ease. The function is able to distinguish faces from the rest of the background and automatically focus on them. It can then adjust the brightness of the faces so that your portraits come out perfect every time.  

Self Portrait

Samsung's advanced Face Detection technology takes the guesswork out of taking portraits—especially your own. With the convenient Self Portrait function, you'll now be able to easily take perfect self portraits every time. A beeping sound will notify you when your face is properly positioned and it's time to take the shot. The function can even recognize up to three faces so your friends are never left out.

Red-eye Fix

A special red-eye fix algorithm on the camera automatically eliminates red-eye from your pictures. You can remove red-eye during image payback, or for even greater convenience, set the camera to automatically detect and eliminate red-eye from your shots as they are taken.  

Digital Image Stabilization (DIS)

Thanks to the enhanced sensitivity of Samsung's imaging sensor and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology, you can rest assured that you'll be able to capture beautifully clear images—even in low-light situations. So if flash photography is not an option, don't worry because Samsung's DIS will quickly become your trusted friend.

2.5" Intelligent LCD (230K)  

The Samsung ES10 has a 2.5” LCD for improved contrast and colour reproduction, allowing you to enjoy a wider and clearer image. Also The Samsung ES10 is Intelligent LCD brightness automatically detects environmental illumination and adjusts LCD brightness for optimal imageviewing.  

ISO 1600

The Samsung ES10 has an auto sensitivity feature that automatically adjusts sensitivity according to the ambient exposure conditions up to ISO 1600. The high sensitivity setting of ISO 1600 lets you take clearer pictures, in poor lighting conditions, without camera shake or image blurring.

Movie mode (VGA 30fps, MJPEG)

Powerful video recordings with MJPEG VGA resolution high quality video recording is enabled by supporting 3x optical zoom, VGA resolution at 640 X 480, and 30/15 fps. Video editing capabilities (Pause during recording, Still Image Capture) enable expression of various images.

Multi Slide Show

With the Multi Slide Show function you can arrange pictures into a slide show, add music and active slide effects to bring out the emotion in your photos—a great way to make a story as you go or share your memories with family or friends!

Photo Help Guide and Function Description

The Photo Help Guide takes you on a guided tour accompanied by easy-to-follow tips that teach you how to make the most of your camera—regardless if you are a novice or an advanced user. The Function Description provides clear and easy to understand descriptions of each setting when you scroll through the camera's menus. This allows you to easily determine which feature is the most appropriate for your shooting scenario.

Additional information: All about the new Samsung ES10 digital camera
February 5, 2009
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