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Samsung introduces 14Mp CL80 / TL240 digital camera

Samsung unveils a new compact digital camera through its USA website. The new Samsung CL80 (to be known as TL240 in other parts of the world) features a 31mm wide angle lens with 7x optical zoom, a 14-megapixel CCD and Dual Image Stabilization. You can record HD video in 1280x720p resolution at 30 frames/second and you can upload pictures through its Wi-Fi capability. On the back of the camera you will find an impressive 3.7" AMOLED touchscreen with Haptic sensor technology to provide vibrating and audio feedback...


Check-out the current line of Samsung digital cameras at Shopping.com31mm Wide Angle Lens

The CL80's 31mm wide angle lens plus 7x optical zoom gives you a wider shooting range from a shorter distance with more flexibility than 35mm cameras. Capture images of beautiful landscapes, entire wedding parties and skyscrapers without having to back up to get the shot. The precisely cut 31mm optical lens delivers clear, clean images with even resolution from center to edges. Each lens surface is multi-coated to minimize ghosting or flaring for a great shot every time.

14 Megapixels & 7x Optical Zoom

Samsung's CL80 comes fully equipped with a true color-filtered 14-megapixel CCD and boasts a powerful 7x optical zoom, guaranteeing some of the sharpest images available. This camera also produces incredibly detailed images which can be used for printing poster-sized photos.

Smart Auto 2.0

Take professional-looking photos with Samsung's Smart Auto feature. Smart Auto analyzes key elements of your composition such as color, brightness, motion and subject; then automatically adjusts to take the perfect shot. So you never have to worry about your photos being washed out, too dark or out of focus. Smart Auto has 16 different preset modes, for a variety of settings. These modes can be bypassed for manual control.

Dual Image Stabilization

The Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS) feature allows you to capture crystal-clear, blur-free shots without using a flash or tripod. The TL210's Advanced Dual IS combines both Optical and Digital Image Stabilizers to produce sharp images without the noise commonly found in other cameras. The optical IS compensates for hand trembling by shifting the lens in the opposite direction. When using Optical IS isn't quite enough, the Digital IS automatically takes over to ensure blur-free images.

HD Movies

Record movies in the palm of your hand. The CL80 is like having a compact HD video camera that also takes professional-grade photos. You can record HD video in 1280x720p resolution at 30 frames per second. The H.264 format also allows you to record twice as much as an MP4 and four times more than an MJPEG - the format used in many other digital cameras - and delivers a much higher video and sound quality.

Instant Uploads with Wi-Fi

Email your photos directly from your camera, or upload your pictures and videos to the web without using your computer. The CL80 makes it possible, and as simple as you can imagine thanks to its Wi-Fi capability*. Now when you see the perfect pair of shoes for your friend's wedding, you can upload it to Facebook, Flickr, Photobox or Picasa in an instant. Or when your cat does that hilarious backflip again, you can share it with ease on YouTube. The CL80 connects you and your network to every moment worth sharing.
• Wi-Fi only available where verification not required.

3.7" AMOLED Touchscreen LCD

Your viewing experience just got a lot more interactive with the CL80's 3.7" wide touchscreen display. And the picture just got a whole lot better and brighter too as the CL80 boasts an impressive AMOLED display. And unlike other touchscreen displays, the CL80 uses Samsung's Haptic sensor technology which provides vibrating and audio feedback with every control. Now that's a responsive camera.

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December 27, 2009
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