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Samsung releases new Childeren Mode animations

Samsung has added a number of new animations for "Child Mode" on the PL150 (TL210) / PL100 (TL205) and the ST550 (TL225) / ST500 (TL220) 2view cameras. With Child Mode - or "Children Mode" as seems to be the new name - you can keep small children's attention through built-in animations that captures the expressions only kids can make, and to easily capture them smiling. The animations come with a new character "Pororo", the cuddly little blue penguin with orange-rimmed goggles. The animations are available for download now...


All about the updated animations for Children ModeEveryone knows that children are very keen on this character regardless of nationality or ages. “Pororo”, a cuddly little blue penguin wearing orange-rimmed goggles, looks unusual and curious, but always friendly. He would be a clever character which can amuse children and, at the same time, make them entirely focused on the viewing screen. Indeed, children are easily diverted… We are sure that all the parents taking their children out on a picnic won't need to worry about making outdoor shots with children's smiles. Have more fun now !

The PL150 (TL210) / PL100 (TL205) and ST550 (TL225) / ST500 (TL220) have especially been loved by outgoing and relaxed people for all seasons. It is true that smart ideas and sharped technologies are making not only a better world, but also a special leisure life, even for children.

Samsung's 2view series are good because of:
1 Taking self-pictures easier than ever.
2 Self-timer function, to know exactly when the shot is going to be taken, and
3 “Children mode” -animations to gain the attention of your children's, while taking pictures.

If you want to download the animations:
Samsung ST550/500 (TL225/220): Click Here!
Samsung PL150/100 (TL210/205): Click Here!

Additional information: All about the updated animations for Children Mode
August 9, 2010
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