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New robust Ricoh G700 for imaging on though jobs

Ricoh announces the new G700 digital camera with water and dust resistance for safe and reliable use even in difficult environments such as those encountered in on-site work situations. The G700 has achieved shock resistance capable of withstanding a 2.0 m drop (1.5 m when wide conversion lens is attached) and it is also capable of underwater shooting for up to two hours at depths up to 5.0 m. The Ricoh G700 has a 28-140 mm wide-angle zoom lens and is equipped with a large 3.0-inch VGA resolution LCD monitor...


All about the new robust Ricoh G700 digital cameraThe tough body features enhanced shock and water resistance and new chemical resistance along with stronger security functions

Ricoh Co., Ltd today announced the development and release of the new G700 digital camera with water and dust resistance for safe and reliable use even in difficult environments such as those encountered in on-site work situations. Successor model to the popular G600 (released May 2008), the new G700 has achieved shock resistance capable of withstanding a 2.0 m drop (1.5 m when wide conversion lens is attached) in Ricoh drop testing carried out based on U.S. Department of Defense standards, and it is also capable of underwater shooting for up to two hours at depths up to 5.0 m. In addition, the G700 features newly added chemical resistance to ethanol and hypochlorous acid as well as strengthened security functions such as password-protected camera operation.

The G700 inherits the previous model's 5x optical wide-angle zoom lens (equivalent to 28-140 mm for a 35 mm camera) and 10 m flash range. It is perfect for use in a wide range of environments, such as construction, public works, and disaster sites as well as medical facilities and production sites where equipment must be cleaned and disinfected.

* Prices and fees in this press release do no include consumption tax.
* Accessories packaged with the camera include rechargeable battery, battery charger, USB cable, AV cable, CD-ROM (software), and neck strap.

Main features of the G700

1. Improved water and shock resistance make the G700 ideal for hard outdoor use
• A shock resistant structure and stronger lens barrel create a robust body able to withstand falls from 2.0 m onto 26 surfaces in drop testing conforming to US Department of Defense “MIL Standard 810F.” (With optional wide conversion lens attached, 1.5 m. Previous model was 1.5 m for body only.)
• The G700 meets this same drop standard even with the power on. (Previous model met the standard only when the power was off.)
• The popular water resistance of the previous model has been further improved, giving the G700 JIS/IEC water resistance protection grade 8 performance. This means that not only can the G700 be used in the rain, it can also be washed with water and used for underwater photography at a depth up to 5 m (for up to 2 hours).
• Dust resistance continues to satisfy JIS/IEC protection grade 6. Pictures can be taken in environments with high concentrations of dust and sand.
• The G700's chemical resistance means that in addition to water washing it can handle disinfection with ethanol and hypochlorous acid. So it can be safely used in medical facilities and production (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.) facilities where hygiene management is necessary.
• Cold resistance specifications enable operation even at -10℃.
• The skillful placement of large buttons makes operation easy, even with gloves on.
2. Large 3.0-inch picture display and electronic level
• The G700 has a large 3.0-inch 920,000-dot VGA high-definition picture display. Easy to see even outdoors, this display makes it possible to take more accurate and precise photographs.
• The installation of a light sensor makes it possible to increase picture display visibility by automatically adjusting brightness based on the ambient light level.
• We have also added the electronic level function that has proved extremely popular on models such as the GR DIGITAL III. It makes it easy to take level pictures when shooting subjects such as buildings and interiors.
3. Enhanced security functions
• The G700 is compatible with the SanDisk Corporation SD WORM (write-once read-multiple) card standard. Since deletes, changes, and card initialization cannot be done, these cards are suitable for use in place of film for original document management by police, etc.
• Operation lock and restriction settings are possible at various levels, including locking of the operations of the entire camera, locking of internal memory playback, restriction to SD-WORM cards only, restriction of camera setting changes, etc. The locks and restrictions can be removed through password entry with a software keyboard or bar code.
• For still photographs taken with the image manipulation detection function on, by loading the image onto a PC and using the EC1 software provided, it is possible to check to see whether manipulation or editing has been done since the image was shot. This makes it possible to provide digital photographic images with a high degree of reliability as evidence.
4. A diverse range of enhanced solution functions
• With the camera memo function, it is possible to record memos in the image data by selecting information from a list prepared on a PC. This facilitates later searching and organizing of images. Using this function, links with various types of business-use image management software are possible. Up to 20 information fields can be recorded. Memos can also be recorded in internal memory. Selection from multiple memos is possible using up to 99 files.
• Memo information can be combined with photographed images. Using the EX1 software provided, it is also possible to convert camera memo information into file names.
• One and two dimensional (QR codes, etc.) bar codes can be read with the lens. The data read can be recorded in a camera memo.
• The G700 is compliant with the PictBridge standard that allows direct connection to a printer without routing through a personal computer. More diverse printing is possible, such as printing on forms registered in the printer, when connected to Ricoh's high-speed color laser printers and MFP*.
• Skew correction mode can modify photographs taken at an angle so that they look as if they were shot squarely. This is a powerful tool for various scenes, such as message boards and display panels.
* Please visit to check compatible models.
5. Powerful flash with effective range of up to 10 m and ISO3200 sensitivity for low-light photography
• The flash has an effective range of up to 10 m for wide-angle and 6.2 m for telephoto.
• There is also an accessory shoe where an external flash can be attached.
6. Compact and lightweight body that can be carried in a breast pocket
• Compact body size of 118.8 mm (W) × 71.0 mm (H) × 41.0 mm (D). Light body weight of approximately 280 g*.
* This weight does not include the rechargeable battery, SD memory card, and neck strap supplied.
• The flat design uses a non-protruding inner-zoom lens so that the lens does not extend out from the body regardless of whether the power is on or off.
• With the wide and long strap, it is possible to now suspend the camera diagonally in addition to the horizontal and vertical positions of the previous model.
7. 28-140 mm wide-angle zoom lens
• The G700 has a 28-140 mm wide-angle zoom lens. It can cover the whole of a large building and frame pictures well in confined areas, and the 5x optical zoom can reach subjects too inaccessible to shoot from close by.
• For even wider shots, there is also an optional wide conversion lens (35 mm film camera equivalent: approx. 22 mm at maximum wide angle). Commercially available 37 mm filters can also be attached.

8. Many other superior Ricoh features have been inherited/enhanced
• The large-capacity lithium ion battery provided with the camera gives long battery life for approximately 360 shots (CIPA standard). If the battery runs out, readily-available AAA-size alkaline batteries can be used instead, and an optional AC adapter is convenient for indoor use. With the AAA-size alkaline batteries, approximately 40 shots (CIPA standard) can be taken.
• Macro mode gets as close as 1 cm from the subject.
• When the camera is connected to a personal computer via a USB cable, it is recognized as an external storage device, so images in the camera can be transferred to the computer without using special software. Full-automatic transfer is also available with the special software.
• A high-definition 1/2.3 CCD with approximately 12.1 million effective pixels is included.

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August 25, 2010
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