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Ricoh releases CX3 firmware update version 1.09

Ricoh releases another CX3 firmware update.

The new version 1.09 modified the phenomenon whereby after rewinding a movie file in the camera once, there could be a case that the move playback is suspended...
Check-out the Ricoh CX3 specifications & reviewsGo to the Ricoh CX3 firmware download page.

In case you missed or did not apply the previous Ricoh CX3 firmware updates, you will get these improvements too:

[Version 1.0.8]
HD movies (1280) from the CX3 may not be correctly played back in the camera due to the effect of readout speed of the movie.

[Version 1.0.6]
With preview by date, after choosing one image listed in the page 2 or in the following pages, if you press the ADJ.OK button to show the selected image, another image will be displayed.

Additional information: Check-out the Ricoh CX3 specifications & reviews
May 14, 2010
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