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Firmware update for Ricoh CX1 and Olympus μ-7000

Following the April 1.16 firmware update, Ricoh releases another firmware update for this camera. CX1 firmware version 1.19 fixes a problem where in a low battery condition the camera may power down without retracting the lens.

Olympus releases firmware update version 1.1. for the μ-7000 to improve the reliability of camera operation while viewing images taken in a vertical position and pressing the DISP button.
Check-out the Ricoh CX1specifications & reviewsGo to the Ricoh CX1 firmware download page

Go to the Olympus firmware download information page.

In case you missed or did not apply the previous Ricoh CX1 firmware update, you will get these improvements too:

[ Version  1.16]

1. Modified the following phenomena.
• If you take pictures with the M-Cont. Plus, a MP file may be recorded with missing a partial frame(s).
• In the Focus-Bracketing, a self-timer feature may not work properly.

2. Corrected a part of the information on a file in the MPO / JPEG format to comply with the Multi-Picture Format.

Additional information: Check-out the Ricoh CX1specifications & reviews
May 1, 2009
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