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Pentax releases firmware version 1.10 for K-m / K2000 SLR

Pentax releases firmware update version 1.10 for the Pentax K-m / K2000 camera. The following functions have been added:
1) Added selection of area (Square) to Cropping in the Playback-1 menu
2) When Digital Filter is assigned to the Help button in the [Rec.Mode 3] menu, Digital filter can be set by pressing Help button in playback mode.
3) Added [Custom] to Digital filter in Capture mode. Digital filter can be customized and saved a filter to your own preferences...
Check-out the Pentax K-m / K2000 specifications & reviewsGoto the Pentax firmware download page for the Pentax K-m digital SLR
Goto the Pentax firmware download page for the Pentax K2000 digital SLR

Pentax K-m / K2000 highlights

The PENTAX K2000 is an entry-level system consisting of the new PENTAX K2000 body, the smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens, and the PENTAX AF200FG Auto Flash.

Bundled as a complete kit for the convenience of the customer, the PENTAX K2000 system offers uncomplicated operation for new digital SLR users and family photographers seeking high-quality digital SLR photography for the first time.  Combining PENTAX developed, easy-to-use Auto Picture modes as well as powerful learning functions all housed in one of the smallest, lightest camera bodies in its class, the PENTAX K2000 system is ideal for digital SLR beginners.  Additional features on the newest digital K2000 SLR body include a 10.2 megapixel CCD, a 2.7 inch, 230,000 dot high resolution, wide-view LCD panel, and an ultra compact design that facilitates one handed operation.  

The body also features the same PENTAX developed Shake Reduction technology found on more advanced K series digital SLRs. PENTAX Shake Reduction is compatible with more than 25 million PENTAX lenses to deliver sharp images even when handheld at slower shutter speeds.  The K2000 also features the powerful PENTAX developed Auto Picture Mode, which selects from Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, and Night Portrait modes to tailor the camera settings for any photographic situation.  The camera also has a comprehensive Dust Removal system to help keep images spotless. A dedicated programmable help button clearly explains current camera settings to guide and teach the user about digital SLR photography.

Additional information: Check-out the Pentax K-m / K2000 specifications & reviews
December 17, 2008
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