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New Olympus AF Tracking function and Magic Filters

The latest additions to Olympus' camera range that have been announced this week, feature advanced imaging technology for enhanced creativity. Two modes are on hand to guarantee great pictures every time. Magic Filters give pictures a new flair by applying special effects in the camera. And even when subjects are ducking out of sight, AF Tracking keeps an eye on them. Everyone from aspiring artists testing the waters to users tracking subjects on the go will appreciate effortlessly snapping impressive shots with these practical features...


New Olympus AF Tracking function and Magic Filters - digital camera and photography newsOlympus AF Tracking and Magic Filters chase subjects and cast a spell on them

What are Olympus Magic Filters?

All new models in the Olympus range now include Magic Filters: the µ-7010, µ TOUGH-6010, FE-5020, FE-4000, FE-46, and FE-26. This impressive function was designed specifically to expand the potential of digital photography. Using in-camera image processing technology it effortlessly turns daily moments into extraordinary scenes. Simple to operate, the filters allow users to create entirely new worlds with their images. What's more, they can be previewed before they are shot and compared with the “Compare Shot” function. From vibrant colours and pencil drawings to mysterious or rounded perspectives, aspiring artistic spirits can test their creativity – just like magic!

These are the various ways Magic Filters can create masterpieces:

Pop Art

In the tradition of Andy Warhol, this effect enhances colours, making them stronger and more vivid. It creates high-impact pictures that express the happy, light-hearted feeling of the pop art style.


This filter gives the impression that subjects have been sketched on the fly by an artist just at the moment that inspiration struck. Images are transformed into line drawings for improvised, creative results.

Pin Hole

For an ethereal feel, Pin Hole reduces the peripheral brightness of images like an image seen through a pinhole. Added to this is a unique colour tone that results in a style that has an air of secrecy or portrays the feeling of being lost in another dimension or space.

Fish-Eye (for µ-7010, µ TOUGH-6010, and FE-5020 only)

With its distorted 180-degree perspective, this filter reproduces the dramatic effect of a fish eye lens. It lends a new perspective to the whole scene with a “round” effect.

Wedding (for FE-4000, FE-46, and FE-26 only)

Adding warmth and gentleness to your shots, the Wedding filter gives them an otherworldly feel. It will wrap subjects in a light veil without obscuring image details.

What is AF Tracking?

For crystal clear images of subjects in motion the FE-5020, FE-4000, FE-46, FE-26, and µ-7010 now offer a new function. AF Tracking will ensure you never miss a beat, whether the object of your attention is a swirling carrousel or a bird in a tree. The system tracks the moving subject automatically and keeps it continually in focus for pictures that are optimally focused and exposed. It also memorises subject data even when the subject goes out of frame and resumes tracking when it reappears. This way, you can rest easy about pressing the shutter at just the right moment.
July 25, 2009
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