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Olympus releases E-30 firmware update version 1.1

Olympus releases firmware version 1.1 for the E-30 digital SLR camera. The firmware offers the following improvements:
- Reduced the sound of Image stabilizer operations in IMAGER AF and HYBRID AF mode.  
- Resolved the issue where pressing the delete button in Close-up playback occasionally caused the Card access lamp to blink.
- Resolved the issue where images with a changed aspect ratio played back with Index display sometimes had horizontal stripes...
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Olympus E-30 main features

Easy-to-apply Art Filters for enhanced creativity, a choice of 9 different aspect ratios, High-Speed Imager AF for responsive Live View shooting, a dual-axis variable-angle HyperCrystal II LCD monitor, and other features for versatile photographic expression
A newly developed 12.3-megapixel high-speed Live MOS Sensor, new TruePic III+ image processing engine, and a built-in image stabilization system that offers up to 5EV* of effective compensation
High-speed 11-point full twin cross AF, high-speed 5 fps continuous shooting, high-speed 1/8000 sec. shutter, and other high-speed performance features inherited from the E-3
The E-30 is positioned as a mid-level model between the E-520 and the E-3 models. In addition to inheriting the superior image quality and high-speed performance of the E-3, it offers a wealth of new features designed to expand the photographer's range of creative and artistic expression.

Six Art Filters, including a bright, colorful, Pop Art filter and a dreamy, ethereal, Soft Focus filter, enable anyone to easily achieve modes of photographic expression that ordinarily require the use of special lenses, add-on filters, or the use of complex image processing techniques. Although the E-30's standard aspect ratio is 4:3, it offers a choice of 9 different aspect ratios, including wide-screen 16:9 and medium-format 6:6. In addition, it makes Live View shooting more enjoyable with a High-Speed Imager AF that enables autofocusing with compact-camera ease, and a dual-axis, variable-angle monitor that supports both horizontal- and vertical-format Live View shooting.

The highest standard of image quality is assured by the E-30's newly developed 12.3-megapixel, high-speed Live MOS Sensor and new TruePic III+ image processing engine. It also boasts a built-in image stabilization system that offers up to 5EV* steps of shake compensation, and works with the entire range of Four Thirds System lenses, from wide-angle to telephoto, as well as macro and fisheye lenses.

The E-30 also offers outstanding high-speed performance, and incorporates the same 11-point, twin-cross AF sensor, 5 fps high-speed continuous shooting, and 1/8000 sec. high-speed shutter featured on the Olympus E-3.

To provide an ever-wider range of offerings for entry-level, intermediate, and professional digital SLR photographers, Olympus will continue to develop and expand its lineup of digital SLR systems that comply with the Four Thirds System standard.

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April 2, 2009
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