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Nikon launches Coolpix S1100pj/S1000pj special website

Nikon announces the worldwide launch of the special Coolpix S1100pj/1000pj website: COOL PROJECTION. The S1100pj, a follow-on to the S1000pj, which delivers an increased projection brightness of 40%. The site is launched to propose and to share new execution ways and fun of using the projector function of the S1100pj / S1000pj. World famous projection mapping artists and image creators will also participate in this website. The site will mainly utilize the SNS. COOL PROJECTION channel on YouTube...
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Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of projector-equipped digital camera COOLPIX S1100pj/S1000pj website, “COOL PROJECTION” on November 11, 2010

COOLPIX S1100pj is an advanced model of COOLPIX S1000pj, the world's first digital camera with a built-in projector released in 2009. The new COOLPIX S1100pj responds even better to the needs of users of projector-equipped cameras. By increasing projection brightness by 40%*, projection is larger and clearer. In addition, adoption of a 3-inch TFT LCD touch panel monitor enables intuitive camera operation. The COOLPIX S1100pj also supports projection of computer data when connected to a computer, increasing the ways in which the built-in projector may be used for both personal and business application. The COOLPIX S1100pj, with its brighter and clearer projection, simpler operation and support for a broader range of applications, continues to offer the necessary camera functions for recording still images and movies. It is the model that proposes new ways to enjoy a digital camera with the ability to record and immediately share memories and lasting impressions anywhere and anytime.


The COOL PROJECTION website is launched to propose and to share new execution way and the fun of using the projector function of COOLPIX S1100pj/S1000pj with people around the world. Worldly famous projection mapping artists and image creators will also participate in this website to challenge possibilities in artistic expressions and plan documentary executions that move the hearts of the audience using its unique projector function. Opportunities for users to experience the benefits of the new camera and to discover use way of COOLPIX S1100pj/S1000pj that everyone can enjoy will also be provided.

The site will be utilizing mainly SNS. COOL PROJECTION channel will be set up on YouTube, the world's largest video posting site, and will also be a share tool that links with Twitter and Facebook to spread information around the world. On the website, projection contents released on YouTube will be gathered. That will be the base to the spread of information around the world and SNS will become a place to confirm the spread of information.

COOL PROJECTION will extend the fun of capturing and projecting images to the world.

Throughout its long history of developing and utilizing optical and other advanced technologies for use in the development and manufacture of products and services, Nikon has taken its role in the capture of special moments, regardless of the age or situation, very seriously. Nikon will continue to offer the means to record and share the moments that are special to individuals through flexible products and services for all users of digital cameras.

• Site launch: November 11, 2010
• Languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

*Chinese exclusive SNS will be developed separately and will be launched on end of November 2010.
•Some contents are available only in Japanese and English.
Access (URL):

Primary contents - Phase 1
• Small Video Art
• Complete original image contents produced using COOLPIX S1100pj by worldly known projection mapping artists and motion graphics designers will be introduced on the site to demonstration the possibilities of capturing x projecting.

Participating artists

Masaru Ozaki
The pioneer of performing art creator, he is able to design motion graphics synchronized to performance on stage and live sounds. He is a projection artist / video artist, motion graphics designer representing Japan.

Established by Nikki Gonisen from Amsterdam, Holland and Thomas Widdershoven from Maastricht, Holland.
Has been involved in works for the Museum Boijmans, Vinice Biennale of 2008, Socialistische Partij of Holland, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Amsterdam City and Spiral (Wacoal Art Center, Japan.) In 2009, a personal exhibition was held at the Spiral.

Other 6 artists from around the world are anticipated to participate.

Try Projection
Projection works from general users of COOLPIX S1100pj/S1000pj will be accepted for entry and posted on the website to give a sense of fun that are rooted in ordinary everyday scenes.

“Capture it. Project it. Send it.

Submit your possibility for Projection.”
Entry period: Nov. 11, 2010 to end of Jan. 2011
Office mail address:
•Mails to the office must be written in Japanese or English.
•Screening results will be posted on the COOL PROJECTION website.
Interview :

Phase 2 (scheduled for release in December)
Emotional content in a documentary style will be posted to communicate and demonstrate the possibilities of projection in a daily situation.

Additional information: Check out the Nikon Coolpix S1100pj specifications & reviews
November 14, 2010
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