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Mecablitz 48 / 58 AF-1 goes wireless via software update

Metz is providing an exceptional software update for the two predecessors of the current top-of-the-range system flash devices. For the first time, functionality of the mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital and 48 AF-1 digital models can be enhanced retrospectively. The new servo function for wireless flash without a mastering camera flash, that was launched in 2010, can now be downloaded - quick as a flash - from their website and imported to your 58 AF-1 digital and 48 AF-1 digital flash units, via the integrated USB interface...
Go to the Metz firmware download page for the Mecablitz Flash UnitsCreative lighting with wireless flash

Wireless flash is becoming increasingly popular amongst photographers. To this end, Metz's top-of-the-range system flash devices provide two different functions. The camera-specific wireless TTL remote mode comes into play with the slave function. Because not all SLR cameras with built-in camera flash devices are equipped with a master function, Metz has also developed the servo flash release which enables the flash to be used as an additional creative light source in a room, with a camera without master function. This function was previously only available for the 58 AF-2 digital and 50 AF-1 digital and can now also be retrofitted for previous models.

Canon 600 D compatibility update

In addition to the increased functionality for the 58 AF-1 digital and 48 AF-1 digital flash devices, a further software update has been made available for all Metz system flash devices equipped with a USB interface. With the help of an update, they are now compatible with the Canon EOS 600 D.

Service and tradition – Made in Germany

Metz has been consistently engineering and manufacturing flash devices at its location in Germany for almost 60 years. The Metz range of flash devices extends from the high-performance mecablitz 58 AF-2 digital system flash to professional handheld flash guns and slave flash devices such as the mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital. The company, with its long-standing tradition, provides high quality products, Made in Germany, and is the only full range supplier of flash devices worldwide.

Additional information: Go to the Metz firmware download page for the Mecablitz Flash Units
June 11, 2011
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