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Leica releases X1 firmware update version 2.0

Leica releases firmware update version 2.0 for the X1 camera.

This update offers the following improvements:

- improved image quality
- shorter time lag between exposures
- improved AF response, especially in low-light conditions and in the case of low contrast subjects
- improved MF setting accuracy due to monitor image now always based on wide open aperture
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Unsurpassed performance in a compact packageL

There's one thing that all Leica cameras share: each is born of the desire to develop cameras that deliver the best picture quality in the world.

The Leica X1 is the direct beneficiary of 100-plus years of German engineering experience and it delivers the best picture quality in its class - in the proud Leica tradition. This elegant camera features a professional CMOS image sensor that's as large as those in high-quality SLRs. Combined with an outstanding Leica lens it captures images of unmatched brilliance.

Any way you look at it, the Leica X1 is a winner: It's conveniently compact, its controls are intuitive, and it offers a full range of sophisticated automatic functions.

A real Leica "Made in Germany".

Additional information: Check out the Leica X1 specifications & reviews
March 29, 2011
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