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Kodak makes Images smarter, sharper, easier to share

Kodak introduces an array of new products to capture and share your pictures and videos. The Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video camera features full 1080p HD recording, and built-in electronic image stabilization. Kodak also unveils the Theatre HD Player, an interactive device utilizing a Point and Play motion-sensing remote control to display pictures, video, podcasts, music and Web-based content on a HDTV. The S730, D830 and D1030 expand Kodak's digital frame family, and the new Solar Charger KS100-C+2 charges your gear for free...


All about the new Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video CameraNew products include pocketable digital video camera, KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Cameras and Digital Frames

Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) today introduced an array of new products that deliver stunning results while also making it easy for consumers to capture and share their pictures and videos.

The new introductions include the KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera and additions to Kodak's popular digital still camera and digital frame portfolios.

"Consumers place high value on their images and video to strengthen and improve relationships, and have consistently relied on Kodak to help them make their personal content a part of their daily lives," says John Blake, General Manager Digital Capture and Devices, Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. "These new KODAK Products deliver unsurpassed ease of use and quality, and also let consumers experience and share moments they love in fun and engaging ways."

KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

An exciting new entry to its popular line of Digital Video Cameras, the KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera features a sleek design, high-quality full 1080p High Definition video capture, and built-in electronic image stabilization.

"More and more consumers are enjoying the ease of capturing fun and spontaneous video and sharing it with friends and family, on the family HDTV or via social networking websites," says Blake. "With the new KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera, consumers can capture life on the go in vivid HD, and then quickly and easily share it."

The slim and stylish KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera is designed to meet these needs with a range of advanced features that includes:

• Take full HD 1080p video wherever you go;
• Built-in electronic image stabilization that produces sharper videos and less blur;
• Large 2.5" color LCD;
• Swing-out USB arm for fast uploading, sharing, and charging;
• 5 MP 16:9 widescreen HD still pictures;
• Easy upload to Facebook and YouTube;
• External microphone jack;
• Available in aqua, raspberry and black from September, 2009 for US $179.95 MSRP.

KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Frame

This exciting new digital frame features a built-in rechargeable battery that enables consumers to unplug and bring it from shelf or table into the hands of family and friends for more intimate sharing of moments and memories. The frame also boasts a new Picture Finder feature, allowing users to easily and quickly find images and videos from special moments in time.

"Picture Finder allows consumers to relive memories that in some cases may have been forgotten," Blake explains. "When users see a compelling picture in the collage mode, they can select that picture and the frame automatically retrieves and displays more pictures from or around that date."

The full complement of features on the KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Picture Frame includes:

• Rechargeable battery featuring a one-hour capacity;
• Capacity to store up to 8000 pictures* with 1 GB internal memory;
• Crisp and vivid picture quality featuring proprietary KODAK Color Science technology;
• Environmentally responsible design including ENERGY STAR(R) qualified power adapter, mercury free panel and programmable on-off settings to control power consumption;
• Updated Quick Touch Border, with touch-sensitive controls that enable easy access to controls on the front of the frame, and featuring a motion sensor that illuminates controls as your hand approaches the frame;
• Previously launched in Europe, and available for $139.00 US beginning September, 2009.

KODAK Theatre HD Player

Kodak also unveiled next-generation functionality for the KODAK Theatre HD Player, further enhancing the device as a hub for wirelessly delivering personal content, online entertainment, and much more to HDTVs.

Revolutionizing the way images and videos can be enjoyed in HD via a set-top box, the KODAK Theatre HD Player is an interactive device utilizing a groundbreaking "Point and Play" motion-sensing remote control to display personal content - pictures, video, podcasts, music - and Web-based content on a HDTV, while wirelessly connecting to a household's private Wi-Fi network.

New features delivered by the KODAK Theatre HD Player include:

• YouTube designed specifically for viewing on an HDTV. Consumers with YouTube access can search for videos by keyword, author, featured, top-rated and more; flag, rate and save videos; and maximize them to full screen.
• Net Video access to online entertainment. View hundreds of the latest free on-demand video feeds on the web--categories include news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, comedy, family, and nature; add videos to your queue and mark favorites; browse feeds by newest, latest by category, most popular, or the entire selection
• Discovery collage views, a unique new way to rediscover the photos collected on your PC. Select "Today's Collage" and the KODAK Theatre HD Player locates and displays pictures relevant to today's date and two weeks forward, such as holidays, birthdays, and special family events; "Random Collage" searches for pictures on your PC and rotates randomly through your entire collection. Pictures you may have forgotten are found and displayed in full HD, and whenever one catches your interest, simply select it to see more from that date or event.

The KODAK Theatre HD Player retails for US $199.99 (MSRP) at and,,, and

KODAK EASYSHARE D830 Digital Frame

The new Décor Series of KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Frames enables consumers to enjoy and share vivid displays of their digital images within hundreds of traditional picture frames.

"For every type of home décor and style, there are picture frames that enhance and express it," Blake says. "Our new Décor Series frames are customizable with scores of traditional frames, allowing people to share their pictures and memories in ways that match their décor and style preferences - even if those preferences change."

The new series is available in two sizes:

• Model D830, featuring an 8" digital display, which can be paired with 8"x10" traditional frames;
• Model D1030, available in European markets initially, and featuring a 10" digital display, which fits 10"x13" traditional frames.

Features of the KODAK EASYSHARE Décor Series Digital Frames include:

• Interchangeable frame faceplate design;
• Stunning picture quality in a digital display that applies proprietary KODAK Color Science technology for crisper detail and more vibrant colors;
• Environmentally responsible design including ENERGY STAR qualified power adapter, mercury free panel and programmable on-off settings to control power consumption.
• Room to store up to 4000 pictures* in 512 MB internal memory;
• A unique Quick Touch Border that enables easy scrolling through photos, picture editing, and more - right on the frame;
• Plug-and-play operation--simply insert a memory card or USB flash drive containing digital pictures and a slideshow automatically begins;
• Dynamic collage mode that displays several pictures at the same time.

The new KODAK EASYSHARE D830 Décor Series Digital Frames will be available from September, 2009, retailing from US$139 MSRP.

Model KODAK EASYSHARE D1030 Digital Frame, debuting initially in European markets, will be available from September, 2009, retailing for EUR 169 MSRP.

Kodak also introduced a family of new portable power-charging solutions that enable fast and convenient charging of multiple devices, including the solar-powered KODAK Solar Charger KS100-C+2, which produces enough power to deliver 1.5 charges to a cell phone, or run a music player for an additional 33 hours, or capture up to 200 digital camera pictures (actual results will vary by device).

The KODAK Solar Charger KS100-C+2 will retail for US $39.95 MSRP beginning in September, 2009.

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July 30, 2009
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