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HD Video recording in the no-longer-still camera domain

Now that HD video is available on most recently announced dSLR cameras, and HD recording is no longer the sole domain of the pro video camera, we will shine some light on the new gear that could support you with shooting, editing and storing your movies. Litepanels, pioneer of LED fixtures, has the MicroPro on-camera lighting fixture to provide a broader source of HD friendlier quality of light. BenQ introduces the affordable E2220HD and E2420HD Full HD LCD displays and Hitachi is now shipping the Industry's first Two Terabyte hard drive...


Check-out these Litepanels and other products at Shopping.comThe Litepanels Micro and MicroPro lighting fixtures

Litepanels, pioneer of revolutionary LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures, announces the MicroPro, on-camera lighting fixture, doubling the light output of the company's ground-breaking Litepanels Micro on-camera fixture. In addition to the increased output, the MicroPro provides a broader source of light, which gives a more wrapping, HD friendlier quality of light.

The MicroPro provides the same advantages as the Litepanels Micro, including AA battery operation and optional AC adapter operation. The MicroPro can be powered for over 5 hours using six Lithium Ion AA cells.

The new MicroPro is a daylight (5600°K) source, which also has an integrated gel holder to provide the ability to attach light modifying materials such as diffusers and color modifiers.

Filters not being used at the time can be conveniently stored on the back of the fixture. Like all Litepanels fixtures, the MicroPro is fully dimmable with minimal shift in color balance when dimmed.

The MicroPro includes a ball-head camera adapter (that also provides a threaded receiver providing the ability to mount a MicroPro fixture directly on a light stand or camera arm).

The MicroPro is available in kit form, complete with diffusion and tungsten conversion gels in both ¼ and full correction strengths.

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New BenQ E Series Displays Passion for Digital Lifestyle Perfection

BenQ's formal debut today of their new LCD monitor E Series not only offers the world yet another unique BenQ digital lifestyle innovation, but also reaffirms the company's passion for delivering products that exceed imagination, seamlessly enhance daily living, and are mainstream affordable. The introductory models – the E2220HD and E2420HD – embody today's Full HD era, both in specifications and styling, with class-leading connectivity, fusion aesthetics, and proprietary advantages consumers won't find anywhere else.

Connect Your Life to the Ultimate Display Hub
The changing landscape of the digital world has shifted from PC-centric to display-centric, with BenQ's E Series among the most progressive examples of how displays have evolved to become a central hub in daily work and play.  With a class-leading 11 connectors, the E Series enables consumers to enjoy hassle-free, seamless viewing without the interruption of unplugging and re-plugging cables.  

In fact, with two HDMI ports, four USB ports, D-Sub, DVI, and three audio connectors, users can keep an array of digital devices permanently plugged in simultaneously.  Switch between viewing TV, gaming console, Blu-ray, webcam, PC, and iPod content without the need for actually switching cables.  Likewise, keep headphones, additional surround sound speakers (to complement the integrated 1.5W x 2 speakers), and an MP3 player ready to go by having them all connected at the same time.  

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Hitachi Ships the Industry's First Two Terabyte 7200 RPM Desktop Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi announces that it is now shipping the world's first, two terabyte (2TB), 7200 RPM hard disk drive (HDD). The new, colossal, 2TB Deskstar™ 7K2000 blends high performance and high capacity with low power and other eco-friendly features designed to enable Energy-Star rated computers and other high performance desktop systems.

Leveraging a solid track record for reliability, the new Deskstar 7K2000 is now in its fourth-generation using the company's unique five-platter design with relaxed bit density and proven perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. Couple this with an ultra-quiet operation, a 32MB cache and a 3Gb/s SATA interface, and the new Deskstar 7K2000 is the ideal desktop drive for power users, gamers or anyone looking for a big, fast hard drive.

“The new Deskstar 7K2000 reflects our ongoing commitment to provide customers, channel partners and OEMs with proven, reliable solutions for enabling desktop computers, gaming systems, workstations and desktop RAID arrays,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of marketing, Hitachi GST. “At Hitachi, we continue to offer one of the broadest product lines in the world with a focus on delivering industry-leading hard drives that meet the reliability, performance, capacity and power needs of a variety of traditional and emerging market segments.”

Find out more about the new Hitachi Two Terabyte 7200 RPM Desktop Hard Disk Drive

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August 7, 2009
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