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Ginipic: searching digitial images simpler than ever

Early this year we have seen the introduction of Ginipic, an original software tool to poke around the digital shoebox. You can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own picture collection simultaneously, and find the image you're looking for in an instant. In a few months, Ginipic has gotten many fans and you're invited to try it yourself: the software can be downloaded for free. Ginipic is Windows only though and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 that will be installed automatically on your system...
Learn all about the new Ginipic software at www.ginipic.comABOUT GINIPIC

Finding images should have always been like this

Ginipic is a startup founded in early 2008, which revolutionizes the way people search and use online pictures/photos.

Ginipic has been started because their founders noticed how much time it takes users to find pictures, photos and images and how many actions they need to take just to make the search result usable on whatever project they're working on, be it a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, a Photoshop project, etc.

Ginipic offers a new way to organize and search media on the web. With Ginipic you can search multiple sources with a single click and use search results in your project with a simple drag & drop. Also, we strongly believe in copyright issues and we make sure you see the appropriate owner details and copyright level for any given search result (if applicable).

Ginipic is privately funded and is open for potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

Additional information: Learn all about the new Ginipic software at
April 12, 2009
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