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Fujifilm extends the Finepix J-series with five models

Fujifilm extends the Finepix J-series with five new models. These new cameras feature the same formula as previous models - all are slim, compact cameras which have been filled to the brim with the latest technologies:
JV200/JV205 14Mp/3x zoom - Face Detection
JV250/JV255 16Mp/3x zoom - Face Detection
JX300/JX305 14Mp/5x zoom - Face Detection
JX350/JX365 16Mp/5x zoom - Face Detection
JX400/JX405 16Mp/5x zoom - Face Recognition


Check out the full line of Fujifilm Finepix digital camerasFollowing in the footsteps of the current J series models, Fujifilm today announces five new additions to the range. The new cameras feature the same winning formula as previous models — all are slim, elegant compact cameras which have been filled to the brim with the latest technologies.

Model looks
The aesthetically pleasing design of the new FinePix ‘J' series is an important part of the appeal of this range of cameras. The sleek and luxurious metal bodies have soft, curved edges, and come in an array of stunning colours to suit all tastes; available in Black, Silver, Blue, Red, champagne gold and Pink, there's something for everyone in this range. And their ultra slim design ensures that the cameras are compact enough to slide into your pocket or handbag and carry with you at all times.
*1 Without lens projection portion

Starting at the entry level end of the range there is the JV200, which has a 14 megapixel sensor and a Fujinon 3x optical zoom (36 - 108 mm), ranging up to the JX400 with its 16 megapixel sensor, wide-angle (28 mm to 140 mm) 5x optical zoom lens, and super slim 16.8 mm body.

Whichever combination you choose, by matching a high resolution sensor with high-precision Fujinon optics, Fujifilm have ensured that each model will deliver sharp and clear images, which are perfect for enlarging on screen or in print without compromising the image quality. The photos taken on the 16 megapixel cameras will blow up to A3 size without any trouble at all. Perfect for framing and creating your own wall-art, you really can enjoy getting creative.

Facebook & YouTube easy web upload
This year's new ‘J' series additions feature the popular ‘Easy Web Upload' function that has previously only been found on the more fashion-driven models in the Fuji range. This is a great time-saver as it allows you to sort through your photos when you are travelling and decide which ones to upload to Facebook or YouTube so that when you get home you just have to connect to a PC and launch the MyFinePix Studio software (for Windows) and they will immediately upload.

Blink and you won't miss it
People often complain about ruined photos after the event, due to people blinking or not paying attention, never fear, Fujifilm is here with Smile and Shoot and Blink Detection features. The Smile and Shoot mode works by detecting smiles on faces: it will not take a picture until it detects a smile, so you're guaranteed happy shots every time. The clever Blink Detection mode warns you if you have captured an image with people blinking, so you can re-shoot if necessary.

Be a star on a the big screen
The ‘J' series range of FinePix cameras, all benefit from Full HD image capture and 720p HD movie capture. This enables you to take stunning, detailed pictures and videos that can be enjoyed in glorious High Definition on any HD ready television*2 or PC.
*2 To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need an optional accessory HD Player (HDP-L1)

Playing back your pictures
All the ‘J' series models feature Photobook Assist, which helps you create stunning photo books in-camera and lets you turn the pages as if you were looking at an album.

Plus if you can never find the picture you are looking for, the new Picture search tool lets you search by date range, type of photo (whether it's a landscape, portrait, night-shot, macro-shot etc) and on the top of the range JX400 you can even search by person's name! This works using Face Recognition technology to allow you to tag your favourite people so that the camera recognises them when it takes a photo and can in turn bring up all photos of a particular person at the press of a button! Genius.

Additional information: Check out the full line of Fujifilm Finepix digital cameras
January 5, 2011
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