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Fujifilm introduces a new line of Finepix accessories

Fujifilm introduces several new accessories for their FinePix digital camera line for this spring. For the F200EXR you can get a Chic leather case, Underwater housing for depths up to 130 feet of water, and a HD Component Cable to view images on an HDTV. Owners of a Z33WP can get a Silicone camera case for an extra layer of protection, a Sport Case with rubberized edging and a carabineer clasp for portability or a Weatherproof Case with weatherproof zipper. A new stylish case for the A-Series digital cameras is available too...


Check-out the other Fujifilm accessories at
• FinePix F200EXR Digital Camera

o F-Series Fitted Case. Chic leather fitted case, designed to work with the F-Series line of Fujifilm digital cameras. ($29.99)
o Underwater Housing. The power of Fujifilm's EXR sensor technology and low-light shooting capabilities can be enjoyed in depths up to 130 feet of water with this Underwater Housing. ($179.99)
o HD Component Cable. Maximize your HD experience by enjoying the full beauty of photos taken with the F200EXR to view on an HDTV ready television with these component cables. ($49.99)
o O-Ring Kit. Replacement O-Ring Kit and silica grease for the F200 EXR Underwater Housing. ($19.99)

• FinePix Z33WP Digital Camera

o Silicone Case. A silicone camera case specially designed for the Z33WP that offers an extra layer of protection. ($14.99)
o Sport Case. A sporty case made of neoprene, with rubberized edging and a carabineer clasp for portability. ($18.99)
o Weatherproof Case. Extra protection case for the Z33WP digital camera, featuring molded EVA construction and weatherproof zipper. ($18.99)
o Float Strap. A float strap that is ideal to help keep the Z33WP camera afloat so you can capture favorite pictures, in, around and on the water. ($14.99)
o Accessory Kit. An outdoor accessory kit for the Z33WP, consisting of the Silicone Case, a Float Strap and a neoprene Fitted Case, to enjoy the camera and capture moments anywhere, anytime, in any condition. ($24.99)

• A-Series Digital Camera

o Fitted Case. A stylish, fitted case designed to fit the Fujifilm 2009 A-Series line of digital cameras. ($9.99)

• AV-C1 Cable. An AV Cable for the A, J and Z-Series Digital Cameras, designed for users to enjoy image playback through their televisions. ($8.99)

Additional information: Check-out the other Fujifilm accessories at
May 16, 2009
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