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Fujifilm releases X100 firmware update version 1.01

Fujifilm releases the first firmware update for their classis FinePix X100 digital camera.
Firmware version1.01 incorporates improvement against inadequate operation shown in the following situations:
If the images are shot with ISO Bracketing mode when "QUICK START MODE" is set to "ON" and turn off the camera, the camera cannot be turned on again even with ordinary operation.
Note that "QUICK START MODE" is set to "OFF" as factory-default value...
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Fujifilm Finepix X100 highlights

The FinePix X100 is aimed at the professional photographer or keen enthusiast looking for exceptional quality pictures from a compact camera. It is designed to appeal to the millions of DSLR users who need a slim back-up camera for high quality in-fill shots when the use of a bigger SLR system is either inconvenient or impractical. Or, of course, it can be used as a professional's only top-end camera, if size and versatility are the primary considerations.

Fujifilm has closely studied the current line-up of professional cameras and feels that there is a strong need for a compact high-quality (APS-C based) camera as a counterpoint to an SLR. Using the experience of working with generations of photographers using famous emulsions like Velvia, Provia, Astia etc., Fujifilm engineers distilled this knowledge into months of careful study to create the perfect compact-sized professional camera.

The priority for this model is picture quality, so it was decided to make the highest quality possible lens and sensor combination, built from the ground-up. The lens chosen is a fixed, prime F2 lens, made by Fujinon, manufactured to perfectly match the APS-C custom sensor. Added to this is the newly-developed EXR Processor, which combines all the latest image processing technology Fujifilm has technology built up over the years.

Other cameras on the market look to fill the need for the ultimate ‘compact' professional camera, but the Fujifilm development team believe that, having listened to the marketplace, the FinePix X100 offers a number of technical developments that will set this camera apart from other contenders.

Additional information: Check out the Fuji Finepix X100 specifications & reviews
April 24, 2011
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