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To flash or not to flash, that's the question


SThe best soccer teams in the world are getting together in Germany this month to compete for the World Championship 2006.

Many people will be recording their most memorable moments of each match with their digital camera. Judging from the number of flashes in the stadium, while watching the games on television, you will notice that many shutterbugs are still forgetting to set the flash mode to off.

You should realize however, that there's no benefit whatsoever in keeping the flash mode on, as the distance to the subject is far beyond the range of any flashlight.

Having the flash mode on will only have negative effects, as the camera might select wrong exposure settings and your battery life will be significantly shortened, and hence you might miss the best moments at the end of the match.

Op course, it can work the other way around. A well orchestrated use of flashlights can deliver beautiful images as we've seen at the Olympic games in Greece in 2004
June 13, 2006
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