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Epson unveils PictureMate Show photo frame and printer

Epson introduces the PictureMate Show, a two-in-one digital photo frame and 4" x 6" photo printer. The seven-inch, 16:9 tilt digital photo frame offers 800 x 480 dpi WVGA resolution; the integrated photo printer offers a print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi to produce photos in as fast as 37 seconds. The Epson PictureMate seems more potent than the recently announced Sony DPP-F700, but the unit looks somewhat bulkier. The new Epson PictureMate Show is currently available for a price of $299.99...


Check-out the current line of Epson PictureMate Series at Shopping.comPrint and Display Your Images with Epson PictureMate Show, The Ultimate Two-in-One Digital Frame and Compact Photo Printer

Epson announced a breakthrough in the compact photo printer market with the introduction of PictureMate® Show, the ultimate two-in-one digital photo frame and 4” x 6” photo printer. Designed for the photo enthusiast, PictureMate Show is a versatile hybrid that offers consumers one convenient solution for displaying, sharing and printing better-than-lab-quality photos in the convenience of their homes all year round.

Boasting a seven-inch, 16:9 tilt digital photo display with 800 x 480 dpi WVGA resolution, PictureMate Show makes an incredible display of your favorite photos. It also offers 12 unique and entertaining slideshow formats for digital images, as well as a remote control to conveniently view and display photos in your home or office. Combined with the best quality 4” x 6” photo printer, it offers the highest maximum print resolution in its class (5760 x 1440 dpi) to produce beautiful photos with incredible detail and true-to-life skin tones in as fast as 37 seconds1.

“Perfect for everyone in the family, Epson's PictureMate Show combines the best in design and performance while offering a unique way to instantly print and share cherished memories,” said Stacey Tieu, associate product manager, Consumer Ink Jets, Epson America Inc. “PictureMate Show is not only an exceptional gift to give this holiday season, but also a great product to have year round because nothing on the market compares in terms of quality, speed, reliability, and value. This convenient, portable printer makes it easy to instantly print and share photos at parties, special events or family gatherings.”

Additional Features and Benefits of PictureMate Show:

• Offers a large 270 MB internal memory to automatically store hundreds of photos, run slideshows and reprint images any time
• Prints from all popular memory cards via built-in card slots2, USB thumb drives, PictBridge® devices, and PDAs or digital cameras with optional Bluetooth® adapter3
• Delivers durable, smudge, scratch, and water resistant photos that resist fading up to 96 years under glass and over 200 years in dark album storage – up to four times longer than traditional, film processed photos4
• Prints custom sizes from 0.3” x 0.3” to 4” x 6”, great for passport photos, filling unusual frame sizes, photo key chains, photo bracelets and more
• Offers versatility with various layouts and color effects, such as classic borders or borderless options, mini-wallet, wallet, and 4”x 6”, as well as black and white, sepia, or color
• Get perfect prints every time with easy and convenient photo editing features, including Auto Photo Correction that automatically adjusts photos for optimum color and balance, cropping capabilities, red-eye removal, and more
• Delivers affordable prints on glossy and matte paper with Epson's PictureMate Print Packs, which include ink and either 150 sheets of 4” x 6” glossy paper or 100 sheets of 4” x 6” matte paper  

Pricing and Availability

PictureMate Show ($299.99*) is currently available through a variety of online retail stores and Epson's retail site. For more information, please see the PictureMate Show fact sheet or visit

Additional information: Check-out the current line of Epson PictureMate Series at
December 4, 2009
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