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Many of you are already keeping abreast of the most recent news on digital cameras & imaging by using our news feed. These feeds allow you to easily stay informed on the rapidly changing content at sites that you are interested in. Although initially developed for use on PC and Laptop, this standard and compact format is even more suited for smart mobile devices. We have combined the RSS model with our "view" presentation to give you the best of two worlds: short and concise illustrated news items at your fingertips wherever you go...
Keep abreast of the latest DCViews news on the go - digital camera and photography news

Most current smart phones have a so called RSS reader already installed. In this case, it suffices to enter our news feed address in the application and you're all set:

Feed url:

The screen image on the right shows this news item as it is displayed through the standard rss reader available on the HTC HD2 Windows smart phone. The items on your mobile will look similar although you might need to scroll the text a bit as the HD2 is equipped with a giant 4.3-inch screen and a resolution of 480x800 pixels.

In case your smart phone did not come with an integrated rss reader, you can find several free and fee mobile rss reader packages on the Internet. Checkout this newsgator website, or just google for "mobile rss reader" and you'll find an abundant selection of rss readers.

May 15, 2010
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