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Dalsa powers Intergraph camera with 140Mp sensor

DALSA is powering the new generation of Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping systems by Intergraph, the model DMC II 140, with a custom 140 Megapixel image sensor, designed exclusively for Intergraph. The new DMC II 140 camera uses five customized image sensors per system: four 42 Megapixel (6096 x 6846) and one 140 Megapixel (12240 x 11418), collecting 308 Megapixels with one exposure. DALSA's very large image format (88 x 82 mm), hermetically sealed sensors are optimized for photogrammetric performance...


Read more on Photogrammetry at the INTERGRAPH websiteDALSA Corporation is proud to announce that it is powering a new generation of Intergraph's Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera, the DMC II 140, with a custom 140 megapixel image sensor. This new sensor has been designed by DALSA exclusively for Intergraph and is not available to other aerial camera vendors.

The latest DMC II 140 model uses five customized image sensors per system: four 42 megapixel (6096H x 6846V) and one 140 megapixel (12240H x 11418V), collecting 308 megapixels with one exposure. The DMC II 140 is the first and only aerial mapping camera on the market using a single monolithic large format lens cone. Part of Intergraph's comprehensive digital aerial photogrammetry solutions, the DMC II 140 camera can deliver large-scale ground resolution finer than 3 cm with full 12-bit dynamic range.

DALSA's very large image format (88 x 82 mm), hermetically sealed sensors are optimized for photogrammetric performance. A customized packaging and special CCD cover glass ensure the highest geometric accuracy under every environmental condition. With high sensitivity to capture detail in shadows as well as vertical anti-blooming to contain bright highlights, these custom devices also provide wide angular response and high dynamic range for the best possible image quality. New, fast CCD readout technology provides an extreme high frame rate. Their large area and precise geometry allows Intergraph to implement fully electronic forward motion compensation (FMC) for blur-free imaging even with large-scale, long-exposure imaging from fixed-wing aircraft flying at low altitudes, even in adverse lighting conditions. The electronic FMC used within the DMC II 140 is capable of compensating for much higher velocity/height (V/H) ratios than mechanical systems, thus greatly extending the operating envelope of the DMC II 140.

“Our new DMC II 140 cameras deliver industry-leading performance,” said Jack Ickes, vice president of photogrammetry at Intergraph. “The imaging quality, innovative features and large size of DALSA's image sensors are key components of this success.”

The DMC II 140 enables direct production of a wide range of mapping and image analysis products, including orthophotos, digital terrain models (DTMs) and vector maps for virtually any mapping application, including agriculture, cadastral mapping, cartography, forestry, land use/land cover mapping, environmental studies, natural hazard assessment, flood risk management, transportation engineering, urban planning, civil engineering, oil and gas exploration and geology.

“These are some of the largest, highest resolution CCDs we have every produced,” said Edwin Roks, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of DALSA Professional Imaging. “We are proud to deliver this world-leading technology to Intergraph for its high-performance photogrammetry systems.”

Additional information: Read more on Photogrammetry at the INTERGRAPH website
April 30, 2010
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