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The new Casio Exilim FC160S improves your swing

If Golf is your handicap, the Casio Exilim EX-FC160S may come to the rescue. This new point-and-shoot digital camera comes with a feature that should help to improve your golf handicap. It will record your swing in video mode at 240 frames per second and will play it back in slow-motion (30 fps) while marking the image with lines to help you analyze your swing. The 10 Megapixel Exilim FC160S, featuring the same 5x optical zoom lens we have seen on the Exilim EX-FC150, will be released in Japan only on August 27...


Check-out the current line of Casio digital cameras at text below is loosely translated by Google)

Casio digital camera, realized high-speed continuous shooting can take decisive moment "HIGH SPEED EXILIM ® (High Speed EXILIM)" as a new product, you can check the golf swing [EX-FC160S. August 27 date will be released.

Our last card sized Haisupidodejitarukamera "EX-FS10" base model, equipped with features to help check the golf swing "EX-FS10S" released.  Guidelines for using the camera's LCD monitor displays images and movies taken with a high speed super slow, because it can check the popularity expanded the golf swing.

EX-FC160S is the second of Haisupidodejitarukamera for golfers.  CMOS-based model of radiation-type back to the adopted model of effective pixels 10.1 Megapixels 5X optical zoom lens with "EX-FC150" adopted.  Can capture the beautiful outdoors of course and golf driving ranges, achieving low noise in high-quality photography in low light shooting.  Advanced features to help you check the popular golf swing. Guidelines and can record video taken by our higher than the utility.

View guidelines to check the golf swing

To check target line from behind the footage, the video playback 1 ※ swing high-speed movies taken with a line tied to the base of the skull and address the ball (Suingupuren) and address the ball signed with the club shaft line (Shafutopuren) to display the two guidelines.  The club head and shaft from the backswing to finish, this line can be between 2 V and 2 ※ should I swing from the range Hami出Sanakere shape.

Also, if you check out footage from the front of the body, when playing video swing wide stance the two lines vertical (outside legs), and under the ball over the head two lines next to position.  Finish from the back swing, good swing and 2 ※ If you fit in the frame body.

1 240fps shooting when the second video playback 30fps real slow over 8 seconds.
2 Is a theory that one good swing with.

Includes commentary and supervised by a professional handbook Arimura Tie

This time, five wins in the 2009 season character on tour, same players this season Arimura Tie female professional golfer in the world will also compete in major championships.  The handbook included a description of swing check Arimura Tie supervised by a professional.

Arimura Tie... born in 1987.  Started playing golf at age 10.  Top protest passed in 2006 and made his professional debut in August 1998. Tour in 2008 winning the first championship, the top professional ranks after his debut just two years.  5 wins in 2009, winning the Queen joined the fight to the last race, the Great Leap Forward and the 3rd place prize winnings.  He is expected to have a great season.

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August 16, 2010
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