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Canon releases EOS 7D firmware version 1.2.2

Canon releases firmware update version 1.2.2 for the EOS 7D digital SLR camera, offering the following improvements:
• Fixes a phenomenon in which the set aperture moves when shooting movies in manual exposure mode using some Canon lenses (e.g. macro)
• Fixes the AF point-selection of the C.Fn III-7 (Manual AF pt. selec. pattern) custom function when set to [1]
• Fixes the AF point display for the viewfinder electronic level when shooting in the vertical position
• Corrects misspellings in Spanish/Thai menus...
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In case you missed or did not apply the previous Canon EOS 7D firmware updates, you will get these improvements too:

[Version 1.2.1]

• Extends the timing at which the high temperature warning indicator is displayed and the timing of automatic shut down of the camera due to a rise in internal temperature during Live View or EOS Movie functions.
• Optimizes program shift when the ISO setting of the camera is set to AUTO.
• Corrects a misspelling in the French-language menu.
• Corrects a phenomenon in which vertical magenta-colored banding appears in still images taken in movie-shooting mode.

(This only occurs when in Manual exposure mode and when the ISO speed is set to "H". Note that this phenomenon only affects units with Firmware Version 1.2.0)

[Version 1.0.9]

• Improves AF accuracy during Live View shooting.
• Corrects a phenomenon where in rare instances, movie images shot by the camera may exhibit abnormal colors.
• Corrects a phenomenon that at certain timings, the shutter cannot be released when the camera's built-in flash or an external Speedlite is used for shooting.

Note that cameras with firmware Version 1.2.1, 1.2.0 cannot be downgraded to a previous firmware version (such as Version 1.1.0).

Additional information: Check-out the Canon EOS 7D dSLR specifications & reviews
July 22, 2010
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