The new Parrot AR.Drone, your digital Eye in Sky

Parrot has shown the final version of its AR.Drone quadricopter at the E3 show in Los Angeles last week. The AR.Drone is extremely easy to handle, as it is controlled by means of micromechanical accelerometers, gyros, ultrasonic sensors, and it has two digital cameras on board. The front viewing camera is fitted with a wide-angle 93° lens and CMOS sensor with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. The downward viewing camera is equipped with a 64° lens and a sensor that records video with a resolution of 176x144 pixels at 60 frames per second...

Visit the Parrot AR.Drone special website

AR.Drone - The Story

Imagine you are the pilot of an aircraft that flies like a dragonfly, and with an on-board video camera, you see exactly what the pilot sees. By tilting your iPhone you control the AR.Drone, and by releasing it, the Drone is instantly stabilized.

Piloting this quadricopter is a unique experience. This mechanical bird uses its powerful on-board computer to detect targets which become the enemies in a video game creating a new genre: Augmented Reality video games.

The AR.Drone is the result of a high tech development: the quadricopter, a helicopter that is extremely easy to fly. It is controlled by means of micromechanical accelerometers, gyros, ultrasonic sensor, two video cameras, combined with a powerful embedded Linux platform. All of these technologies have been combined for the first time by Parrot's engineers to create the first fully-integrated Augmented Reality device: the Parrot AR.Drone.

Parrot launched the AR.Drone project as an open platform. The source code of the piloting software is available for developers who wish to develop games. You can join the community via the website

At E3 2010, we are glad to introduce the final version of the AR.Drone. Since January, every single piece has been slightly modified to get the best of the embedded technologies.

Additional Information: Visit the Parrot AR.Drone special website

June 20, 2010

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