The new 7-inch Apple iPax wishful thinking for 2011

As we're now in the middle of the winter "Big Gooseberry season" and we're running short on Big Gooseberries, I like to share with you my wishful thinking on the much discussed 7" Apple iPad. When Steve Jobs declared that a 7-inch iPad would be Dead on Arrival he may actually have spoken the truth as far as an iPad is concerned. What I hope to see is a new wallet-like 7" device that would nicely fill the gap, both in size and function, between the iPhone and the iPad and would combine the function of my phone and my wallet...

Check out the Apple iPad and its accessories at Shopping.comAs I am a member of the older generation, my eyesight is no longer 20-20, and it turns out that reading a 4-inch display is becoming more difficult, particularly when reading most of the Internet pages. After playing for a while with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, I really liked its size and most of the Internet pages were readable without the need for constant zooming.

A 7 inch device would roughly be the same size of my wallet and by adding some new function, it could actually replace it completely. Apart from the functions of the iPhone I would like to see: a fingerprint reader for protection, an integrated stylus pen for small drawings, speech to text for notes,sms and e-mail, a wireless earphone and of course some real wallet services.

Anyway, best wishes to all of you and who knows what Apple has up it sleeve for 2011...

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December 28, 2010

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