Amex Digital SR-7/SW-7 multi-function digital photo frames

AMEX Digital is an ODM / OEM manufacturer specialized in AV, wireless and navigation devices. The company's very basic website indicates that the prime drive is the making of high-tech devices, as its web presence is a far cry from their products; they probably consider Markering and Public Relations a waste of time and money…

Their latest endeavor is the photo frame business: the model SR-7 features a Radio Controlled Clock and an Indoor Thermometer; the SW-7 has identical features but comes with a Weather Station...


Checkout all the high-tech AMEX Digital productsAMEX Digital SR-7 Radio Controlled Clock with Indoor Thermometer Digital Photo Frame available in Black & Silver


• Digital indoor thermometer
• Radio Controlled Clock with quartz backup (12 / 24 HR selectable)
• 7 inches TFT color LCD
• Illuminated digit on reverse display
• Selectable continuous backlight
• Dual snooze alarm
• Calendar with day of the week
• Resolution 800 x 480
• Card Reader Type MS/MMC/SD/XD/CF
• File Formats Supported JPG/AVI/Mpeg1,2,4/MP3
• USB Host
• USB Device
• Slide Show
• Speakers
• Music & Video Playback
• Adjustable Brightness
• Remote Control
• Power Adapter

AMEX Digital SW-7 Color Weather Station with Radio Controlled Clock Digital Photo Frame available in Black

The SW-7 features are identical to the model SR-7 except for the Indoor Thermometer which is replaced by a Color Weather Station:

• Default icon weather forecast (sunny, cloudy, slightly cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy)
• Barometric pressure trend indicator
• RF 433MHz Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer links up to 5 Remote Sensors with auto scroll
• Input home location to know the sunrise / sunset, moonrise / moonset time and sun moon location display

Additional Information: Checkout all the high-tech AMEX Digital products

February 2, 2009

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