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Windows Media Photo: A New Format for End-to-End Digital Imaging

Microsoft is hosting the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference 2006 in Seattle this week. In a session held yesterday morning, a new format for end-to-end digital imaging, called Windows Media Photo, has been presented. The new format is said to provide better quality at half the size of current JPEG images. It offers image quality comparable to JPEG-2000 with computational and memory performance more closely comparable to JPEG. The new Windows Media Photo format will be built into the next-generation of Windows, known as Vista...
All about the Microsoft WinHEC 2006


Windows Vista introduces a rich new graphics architecture with support for image formats well beyond the limitations of 24-bit RGB. To take full advantage of these new features and capabilities, Microsoft is introducing a new image file format with numerous advanced features that provides key advantages over existing image formats. Windows Media Photo delivers leading lossy and lossless compression technology, excellent performance, and support for the widest variety of image formats, including high dynamic range photography and printer-specific color formats. It also provides powerful new features for progressive and region decoding and a variety of unique compressed domain operations. Windows Media Photo is the preferred image format for the XPS Document format.

Windows Media Photo supports a wide range of features including:

• Multiple color formats for display or print

• Fixed or floating point high dynamic range image encoding

• Lossless or high quality lossy compression

• Extremely efficient decoding for multiple resolutions and sub-regions

• Minimal overhead for format conversion or transformations during decode

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Download the: Windows Media Photo Specification document

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May 25, 2006
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