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"Freedom is a Pen" - WACOM develops new Volito

With the slogan Freedom is a Pen, Wacom Europe launches the Volito, its new, low-priced input set for the consumer market. Volito consists of a stylish, black, transparent tablet, a pressure-sensitive pen, a ball-free mouse and six software packages. The Volito will be available from mid-October at a retail price of £39,95 or € 59,95.
WACOM has created a special site which offers tips & tricks and enables you to send e-cards, download underlays, and win exciting prizes...
Special website<br>


an affordable tablet with pen and mouse as alternative PC input devices for the consumer market

With the new slogan ‘Freedom is a Pen', WACOM Europe GmbH today launches Volito, - its new, low-priced input set for the consumer market. Volito consists of a stylish, black, transparent tablet, a pressure-sensitive pen, and a ball-free mouse (both are cordless and batteryless). With the input set, WACOM supplies six software packages which can be used for processing PC photographs, compiling amusing collages, painting pictures and creating signatures as well as handwritten notes. Volito will be available from PC retailers from mid-October onward at a recommended retail price of £39,95 including VAT.

The Volito input set is an interesting alternative for anyone who up to now has only used a conventional computer mouse for his or her PC. The pressure-sensitive pen is ideally suited for quick and comfortable navigation and offers a host of new capabilities, which cannot be achieved with a standard mouse solution. For those users who prefer to work with their familiar traditional input device, the package includes a matching mouse that can be used alternately with the pen.

Technical configuration
Neither the pen or the mouse requires cables or batteries. The input devices are powered by the tablet, using the electro-magnetic resonance technology developed and patented by WACOM. Signals from the mouse and pen are localised directly on the surface of the tablet. Information such as the pressure sensitivity and the exact position of the pen on the tablet, are all conveyed to the computer within a second.

Software ‘six-pack' for pen applications
WACOM provides six software packages with Volito. These are particularly suited for pen applications and offer a broad range of functionality. ArcSoft™ PhotoImpression is an easy-to-use all-round image processing software for the speedy, straightforward editing of digital photographs and pictures. The programme includes numerous tools for editing individual image areas such as editing red eye or for applying filters (brightness, colour tone, saturation, sharpness) and special effects to a complete image. Once the photographs have been retouched, they can be integrated into artwork and graphic templates of various types. Users can create individual photo albums, greeting cards, picture frames, calendars or slide shows, for example. The templates can also be personalised.

ArcSoft™ Funhouse can be used to compile amusing photomontages. By combining their own photographs with the graphic templates, users can produce highly realistic fun pictures, such as the classic Wild West ‘Wanted' poster, the child on a banknote, or a favourite aunt in the classic Marilyn Monroe pose with the dress billowing out over a ventilation duct! The colour, size and position of the photographs can be modified as required to achieve a perfect photomontage.

The JustWrite™ Office software is ideally suited for the Volito pen. With this text software, handwritten notes and sketches can be inserted directly into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents.

Users who wish to back up their Word documents and protect them against possible unauthorised access can now simply enter their signatures instead of a password with the Volito pen and Penflow™ for Word software. The programme recognises the signature on the basis of three factors: pressure sensitivity, speed and the style of the signature and is an ideal application for use with a pen instead of a mouse.

The flash-based computer game Whiplash – specially developed for WACOM – places the focus firmly on fun and improving your skill with the pen. The user can control the game of skill very precisely and fast with the pen as it is an ideal way for beginners to practise using the pen.

Rounding off the software package is the painting and drawing programme Corel® Painter™ Classic for the combined use of paintbrushes, pens, colours and structured surfaces. The pressure of the Volito pen on the tablet can be varied to create different stroke widths and colour transparency in order to give drawings a more natural look.

User-friendly control window for Volito driver settings
The different functions of the pen and the mouse can be defined individually in the the driver control panel. For example, the pressure sensitivity of the pen tip can be set in stages from soft to hard, the side switches configured, and the double click set by means of a sliding switch. now available
WACOM has created a special homepage for all Volito users. The site not only offers users tips and tricks: it also enables consumers to send e-cards, download underlays, and win exciting prizes.

System requirements
The Volito input set has a USB interface and runs under Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP. It comes with a two-year guarantee.

Additional information: Special website
October 17, 2002
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