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Vodafone unveils 5 new mobile phone models for summer 2004

The future as painted in our May 14 news item is getting closer as Vodafone announces five new mobile handsets for summer 2004 at the Business Show Tokyo 2004. The V402SH and V602SH by Sharp, V601T by Toshiba, V401D by Mitsubishi and V401SA by Sanyo, are scheduled for the 2nd half of this year. The V602SH is the world's first handset to feature optical zoom, a spacious 2.4 inch swivel-LCD and a 2 Mp CCD. The V402SH's features a TV tuner and the V401SA's FM radio tuner...


For more information on the 5 new models (580K PDF)Features include world's first optical zoom camera and built-in TV and FM radio tuners

Tokyo, May 10, 2004—Vodafone K.K. announced today the development of 5 new mobile handsets for summer 2004. The V602SH by Sharp, V601T by Toshiba, V401D by Mitsubishi Electric, V401SA by Sanyo and V402SH by Sharp are scheduled to go on sale after late June in phases.
Among these 5 summer models, the V602SH is the world's first*1 mobile handset to feature an optical zoom function. Combined with its high specification 2.02 megapixel autofocus CCD camera, the V602SH approaches the ease-of-use of true digital cameras without compromising the size and functionality of current mobile handsets. To achieve this, the V602SH uses a ‘swivel style' design that allows the LCD screen to be reversed 180 degrees. The V602SH also represents a new handset to be commercialized as part of Vodafone K.K.'s new handset design initiative, a process where Vodafone K.K. offers its own original handset style concepts to the market. The main theme of this design project was to provide a handset that not only focuses on exterior design, but also takes into consideration enhanced services, functionality and usability for new methods of
use and lifestyles.

The V602SH and V601T are the first 2G handsets in Japan that can play Chaku-uta® ringsongs and also feature a multitude of new features and services such as Movie Mask facial motion capture technology, Keitai Karaoke V-kara to let customers enjoy karaoke by connecting to a TV
and 256K Ver. 2 Java applications for high-speed mobile games with beautiful graphics.

The new handset lineup also meets various customer needs with notable features such as the V402SH's built-in analog TV tuner, the V401SA's FM radio tuner and V401D's Super CCD Honeycom camera capable of recording 2.00 megapixels and a control pad that can be operated
by finger tracing, an industry first*2.

*1: As of May 10, 2004
*2: As of May 10, 2004 in Japan (according to Mitsubishi Electric)

Additional information: For more information on the 5 new models (580K PDF)
May 15, 2004
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