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The Vivicam 3930, compact, 5 Mp digital camera with 3X optical zoom at a family-friendly price


LOS ANGELES, CA (March 2, 2003)- Vivitar Corporation announces the ViviCam 3930 product
available in June 2003. The V3930 is a compact, feature-packed, 5.25 MP digital zoom camera. The
V3930 is an affordable choice for anyone seeking a versatile, high quality digital camera.
The stylish V3930 is equipped with a 5.25 megapixel CCD image sensor. Its 3X optical power
zoom lens is complemented with a macro function and 2X digital zoom capability. Images may be
reviewed on the 1.6” LCD display. Sample images from the V3930 can be viewed and downloaded
from the V3930 image gallery on the Vivitar website.
The V3930 offers imaging versatility. Users may select from four resolution settings up to 2560 x
1920. The V3930 is an ideal camera for all your digital imaging needs ranging from email and web
applications to images that are ready for professional display or print. Quality 11” x 17” prints, or
larger are not a problem with the V3930.
The V3930 comes with a 16 MB Secure Digital memory card. MGI Photo Suite SE and Photo
Vista editing software are included with the camera.
Other features include aperture-priority mode, shutter-priority mode, movie mode, auto focus, auto
white balance, exposure compensation control, built-in flash, and a 10-second self-timer. The V3930
comes with USB and video output cables to download images for viewing and editing. 2 AA alkaline
batteries, or a single CR-V3, supply power.
The suggested retail price for the camera is $499.95. The V3930 may be purchased at mass
merchandisers, consumer electronic stores and other Vivitar resellers nationwide.
March 5, 2003
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