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Create your photo albums with the Unibind PhotoBook Creator

Last year, Unibind introduced their PhotoBook as the first step in a new strategy to expand their focus from business-to-business to direct sales. The PhotoBook is a hardcover, steelbound book that lets photographers professionally bind either digital or traditional photos for presentation. Designed originally for use with Unibind's professional desktop XU138 and XU238 steelbinding machines, Unibind now offers the Unibind Photobook Creator, which should appeal to a larger audience in the consumer market...
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Unibind's steelbinding process demo

Last year's press release on the Unibind Photobook

Alpharetta, Ga.-based Unibind Inc., a leading manufacturer of binding, laminating and presentation products, today unveiled the new Unibind PhotoBook, the company's first product designed specifically for individual users rather than corporations.  The Unibind PhotoBook is a cost-effective, efficient way for both professional and serious amateur photographers to present their work in a hard-bound book they can create in their own studios or homes.  The new books, priced around $6 each, can be bound in less than two minutes.  

“The Unibind PhotoBook is the first step in a new strategy to expand our focus from business-to-business to direct sales,” explained Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem, chief executive officer, Unibind.  “We've seen tremendous growth and acceptance of Unibind products in the U.S. over the last five years and believe our new strategy will fuel double-digit growth.”

The PhotoBook is available through direct order only.  The books can be ordered by visiting, calling 1-800-Unibind (864-2463) ext. 417, or sending an e-mail to

The Unibind PhotoBook is an 8½” x 11” hardcover, steelbound book in landscape format that lets photographers professionally bind either digital or traditional photos for presentation.  Designed exclusively for use with Unibind's desktop steelbinding machines (the Unibind XU138 and XU238 models), each PhotoBook can hold from one to 100 pages depending on paper weight.  

“Over the last year we've seen a growing demand among both professional photographers and serious amateurs for a professional, less-expensive way to showcase their work or extend their client offerings," Peleman-Vantieghem added.  “The Unibind PhotoBook gives photographers the flexibility to bind everything from portfolio samples to proof sheets to client event photos they can resell as memory books.”  

The Unibind PhotoBook is currently available in either Black Linen or Pearl White. It can be ordered with plain, foil-stamped or embossed covers as well as with one of five standard window cutout sizes.  Custom sizes, colors and window cutouts are also available as Unibind handles special project orders.  

Among the unique features of the Unibind PhotoBook are:


Special order customization is available to meet any need.  Photographers can create unique, one-of-a-kind products for their business and their customers.

Editing Capability.

Unibind PhotoBooks can be edited without damaging the PhotoBook. Thanks to the patented technology of the Unibind steelbinding machine, spines can be re-heated and photo pages removed or added without damaging pages or spines.  

Cost Efficiency.

While similar products retail for approximately $80 per album, Unibind PhotoBooks currently retail for $6 and under per cover.  This allows professional photographers the opportunity to offer clients memory books at affordable prices while at the same time offering them an additional profit center.

Desktop Size.

Ideally suited for photography studios, the desktop size of the Unibind steelbinding machines gives photographers the means to offer professionally bound PhotoBooks without taking up precious studio space.

Time Savings.

Because PhotoBooks can be bound in the photography studio or at home, photographers don't have to spend time ordering bound books on-line and waiting for production and shipping.

The Unibind PhotoBook is designed exclusively for use with the Unibind XU138 or XU238 model binding machines.  Affordably priced at approximately $450, the Unibind XU138 can bind up to five PhotoBooks at once; the XU238 can bind up to 10 books at once depending upon the size of the book.  Both are designed to use up to 50-pound glossy or mat cover-weight paper without having to be scored.  

According to Peleman-Vantieghem, response to the PhotoBook from photographers has already been tremendous.

“The Unibind PhotoBook is particularly appealing to photographers who take corporate event, wedding, portrait, sports or school photos,” she said.  “They're finding a nice niche in offering PhotoBook keepsakes and memory books to their clients.”

Founded in 1939, Unibind is a privately held manufacturer of binding, laminating and presentation products.  With its worldwide headquarters in Puurs, Belgium, Unibind opened its U.S. corporate office in Alpharetta, Ga., in 1999.  Today, Unbind products are distributed on six continents in more than 100 countries.

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January 15, 2006
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