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The new capture LCD from Toshiba Matsushita Display Technologies

Toshiba Matsushita Display Technologies have shown a new type of LCD at the Tokyo Electronic Display Ehibition. The new LCD can double as a scanner as it can capture images of an object placed on the LCD. The 3.5" poly-silicon TFT-LCD LCD has an optical sensor for each pixel of its 320x240 color matrix and creates an 960x240-pixel monochrome image. Reading product bar-codes is considered a possible aplication for such LCDs...
The new capture LCD from Toshiba Matsushita Display Technologies - digital camera and photography news

The image shows the difference between a conventional TFT LCD and a regular Poly-Silicone LCD

PRESS RELEASE (System translated from Japanese)

As a product which embodies the SOG (system-on glass) technology of a poly silicone liquid crystal no one but, our company develops the input display of the completely new concept which can perform direct picture taking in (image capture) from the display screen of TFT liquid crystal for the first time in the world, and sends to the EDEX2003 electronic display exhibition (Tokyo Big Sight) held from April 9.

Although it is low-temperature poly silicone TFT-LCD of 8.9cm of QVGA diagonals (3.5 type), it is what built in the input function in which things which want to carry out image capture, such as a printing character and a photograph, are only applied to the display screen other than the usual display function itself, and the data to 960x240 pixels of super-high definition can be taken in, and the application to preservation, a re-display, etc. is possible.

It was what was realized by making an optical sensor element in a liquid crystal pixel, and the troublesome edit work which takes in a picture and a photograph purposely with the scanner which is another machine became unnecessary, and a possibility that not only application of a business use but the world of play would spread greatly has been verified.

A catalog can be read, goods specification can be easily carried out by reading the bar code of mail order goods, and also various application, such as calling one's byroad map which replaces with access control with a password, is simple attestation about palm print and is saved as private data and image at PC, is possible. [ who has been registered into car navigation ]

Until now, our company was pursuing the system-on glass strategy which made core technology low-temperature poly silicone TFT-LCD, started in loading of the driver LSI of the first step, and resulted in realization of an epoch-making trial product which loading, loading of a memory function into a pixel, and evolution are continued in part, and is called this time and input function of a drive circumference circuit.

Research and development are furthered towards realization of the advanced fingerprint attestation which can be covered to the electronic commerce asked for severe security, and a financial transaction by raising software and resolution in the future taking advantage of the characteristic of copying and photographing a subject in real size unlike a camera.

Item Display function Input function
Screen size

8.9cm (3.5 type) of diagonals

The number of pixels 320 (xRGB)x240 (QVGA) 960x240
A display color / gradation Color 260,000 color Monochrome 64 gradation
System Penetrated type 2-dimensional optical sensor
April 11, 2003
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