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The Toshiba HOPBIT: a spacious five Gigabyte storage in a small package

Toshiba Japan announces the HOPBIT, a small lightweight device to store data from PDA, imaging or music devices. Bluetooth is available to communicate with these external devices and personal computers.
The device contains a spacious LCD and five Gigabyte harddisk which suffices for about:
- 1000 hours of listening pleasure in MP3 or WMA.
- 37 hours of MPEG4 movie of 15fps at 320 x 240  
- 3,000 JPEG compressed 3 million pixels images
The lithium ion battery provides for 200 hours of use...
The Toshiba HOPBIT: a spacious five Gigabyte storage in a small package - digital camera and photography news


System translated Toshiba Japan press release

Our company is Bluetooth as a small lightweight pocket server utilizable as portable memory storage of pocket information machines and equipment, such as PDA of a hand, such as transmitting, receiving and saving mass data, such as a picture and music, at wireless, and a personal computer. TM A disk "HOPBIT" is commercialized and it puts on the market from November 1.

A new product is [ the hard disk drive unit which is a mass storage device built in the personal computer etc., and ] the short distance radio standard Bluetooth. TM It is the information memory storage of a を組み合わせた new concept. The original mounting technology which suppresses the vibration and the shock at the time of putting into a bag etc., and having and walking was adopted, and the small mass 1.8 type 5-G byte hard disk was carried. If it is music, they are about 1,000 music. *1 It is an animation image and is about 37 hours. *2 It is a photograph picture and they are about 3,000 sheets. *3 の data can be recorded.
The radio standard Bluetooth of low power consumption [ transmission ] TM For a を用いている reason, communication 待受け of a maximum of 200 hours and the drive of continuation 6 hours are possible at a built-in battery drive. Moreover, it will be in a prolonged standby state only by turning on a power supply switch, and it is only operation by the apparatus which made radio connection, and transmission and reception of data are automatically possible. Data is transmitted and received, putting into a bag or a pocket, and they are pocket information machines and equipment, such as PDA at hand. *4 It comes out, and an image can be seen easily or data can be checked.

A new product is sold from HP of Toshiba digital media engineering incorporated company. (URL is

*1  In the case of MP3 or a WMA format, 128kbps, and the audio data for 5 minutes  
*2  In the case of the MPEG4 movie of 15fps(es), it is at QVGA (320X240).  
*3  It is at JPEG at the compression time about about 9MB of 3 million pixels (before or after 2000X1500 dots) original picture.  
*4  Bluetooth TM File transfer protocol (FTP) correspondence apparatus (card slot correspondence 含む)

The main features of a new product

1.  1. The wireless data transmission module and the built-in battery are combined with the magnetic disk drive of 5GB of 8 models.
It differs from peripheral equipment, such as the conventional external HDD, and is Bluetooth. TM The apparatus of a hand and transmission and reception of data are possible, making wireless connection with the information machines and equipment of correspondence, and putting into a bag or a pocket.  
2.  Supposing use in mobile environment, the structure design is carried out so that vibration and the influence of a shock may be suppressed to the minimum. If it is music, you can walk with 5GB of mass data which is equivalent with about 1,000 music and an animation image, and is equivalent to about 3,000 sheets by the photograph picture for about 37 hours as a small lightweight pocket server.  
3.  The lithium ion battery of a thin shape and quantity capacity is carried. Bluetooth which is the radio standard of low power consumption [ transmission ] TM It can await by the を用いて cage and power saving, and can operate.
待受け of about 200 hours and continuation operation of about 6 hours are realized at the maximum.  
4.  If the power supply switch is turned on, it is only the call from apparatus to connect, and write-in operation, and transmission and reception of data are possible.  
5.  The data communications in USB1.1 are also possible. According to a use scene, the exchange of the information on a USB cable is also possible.  
6.  Bluetooth TM Since USB ADABUTA is enclosed, it is connectable also with the personal computer dealing with un-.
October 9, 2002
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